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  1. Dr. Pidget

    How do you artists work around beaks?

    Not an artist myself. I'm just wondering how artists work around the constraint of half a character's face being taken up by an immobile, emotionally void object. I understand the typical answers—"beaks aren't completely expressionless," "most emotion is in the eyes anyway," "body language is...
  2. Dr. Pidget

    Writing Prompts

    Share a writing prompt or the seed of an idea for everyone to enjoy. Can be from real life, a wonky dream, or a shred of some thought plucked from the air like cottonseed. If you ever end up using the idea in a short story or the like, be sure to note and thank the originator. Two things I was...
  3. Dr. Pidget

    Ever Heard A Song That You Couldn't Find Ever Again?

    One day, you will finally find that song, and it will be the most disappointing moment of your life.
  4. Dr. Pidget

    You're a blue jay, I take it? ^v^

    You're a blue jay, I take it? ^v^
  5. Dr. Pidget

    Heya ^v^ How're you doing?

    Heya ^v^ How're you doing?
  6. Dr. Pidget

    Any Other Avians Out There?

    Haha ^v^ for the life of me, can't figure out why avians are so rare; ~1-3% of the fandom depending on which statistics you're looking at. For, me, I'll definitely be a bird; I just haven't yet decided. I'm partial to this beasty, but that may change.
  7. Dr. Pidget

    Suggestion: "Extreme" content rating

    Full support. Even general isn't general enough; having a fourth category might encourage the migration of things from Adult to Extreme, Mature to Adult, and borderline-really-shouldn't-be-General into Mature. Problem is, how're you going to enforce proper tagging?
  8. Dr. Pidget

    Key literary works in the fandom

    Heya, I'm a writer who recently got into furry. I'm trying to tease out the cultural and demographic quirks of the fandom and understand what makes you kind fellows tick. I was wondering what the most historically influential or recognizable pieces of literature in the fandom have been. Not the...