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  1. foreverwhiteknight

    o_O Neopets O_o Neonames?

    yeah I kinda still play neopets, but I just do because of my guild.  Most of us in the counsil are older (18+) so we're just a little family.   Of course I got the neopet PS2 game for christmas... I think it would be.. not too good for a young kid.. running around killing random petpets.. O_o
  2. foreverwhiteknight

    Anyone looking forward to Windows Vista

    personally Vista does sound like a lot of bloated-ness but like everything else it'll eventually be pretty much required to run anything new at one point. I had even heard at some point that eventually you'd be required to have Vista to even access the internet, but then again I dunno how true...
  3. foreverwhiteknight

    Anime games that are actually good, if not better.

    surprisingly enough I liked the Initial D Special Stage game a lot. It was never released here except in arcade version (even more fun with the chair/wheel/pedals set up) and then I imported it for PS2. the .hack ones are the best anime games I've played, of course when I got them I didn't...
  4. foreverwhiteknight

    Need for Speed: Carbon

    Haha oh I beat Darius finally. I worked up and got that McLaren and totally destroyed him on the first try. The only thing I had to restart was the canyon duel with him because I flew off the side :oops: The first time through I started with Muscle because I'm not big on tuners (Especially...
  5. foreverwhiteknight

    Need for Speed: Carbon

    yeah, I beat all the bronze Challenge Series, and some of the silver. I havn't been able to beat the gold ones yet though. I'm really good at the canyon racing, but I can't seem to beat the gold canyon one haha ^^; I started over again under Exotic, this time actually driving to all the...
  6. foreverwhiteknight

    PS3 launch shipments cut, Chaos rages forth.

    When I heard the shipment was cut, I just kinda stared at the TV. It really seems like Sony is killing themselves with all this mess. I was out shopping for Christmas stuff on this past Thursday and I saw both K-Marts and the Toys R Us in this town had signs up that due to the cutbacks they...
  7. foreverwhiteknight

    um, guys . . .

    haha somehow.. You have 1 new messages ( 2J ) of course no messages when i go to it ^^;
  8. foreverwhiteknight

    Need for Speed: Carbon

    I got this game late Monday night (technically tuesday, cuz it was after midnight).. and right now.. all I gotta do to beat career mode is beat Darius.. >.>;; short game haha I love my Charger R/T though :D Thought I've went through a lot of things.. I started with the Camaro, got the...
  9. foreverwhiteknight

    Worst Game Endings of ALL Time?

    another one that no one has mentioned yet is Flashback: The Quest For Identity (SNES version). Once I figured out how to get past the first lil bit, I loved it but the ending kinda disappointed. Going through all that just to get a spaceship flying off and a journal entry. It left you wanting...
  10. foreverwhiteknight

    Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs] -Updated-

    mine sucks.. and won't play most modern games.. :LOL: but I still love it.. it gets me online haha and so yeah.. mine is prolly the worst one here >D.. I really just use it for internet and playing like sports car gt, the sims, civ 3, etc. My real *gaming* machine is that lil black box over...
  11. foreverwhiteknight

    Worst Game Endings of ALL Time?

    :lol: technically Pokemon doesn't really end. The "core" games (i.e. Gameboy) didn't really end, you just ran around, catching all the lil critters you could, and then you drug them to fight other lil critters :lol: Even when you beat all the gyms and "elite" people all you could do was keep...
  12. foreverwhiteknight

    Last movie you have seen/favorite movie?

    Last seen - Full Metal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa Fav - Back To The Future Trilogy (its just one long movie really :lol: )
  13. foreverwhiteknight

    I love Katamari

    haha I have Katamari Damacy.. its fun but can get so frustrating at times, especially trying to unlock the unlimited levels >.<
  14. foreverwhiteknight

    Underappreciated Games

    I agree that Xenosaga is so underrated. I picked up #1 used on a whim and loved it. I picked up #2 and continued. I didn't liked it as much as #1, and I never finished it. I got to this one boss and it was too strong so I tried to backtrack and level up some but the game froze on me. I had...
  15. foreverwhiteknight

    FA Policy Notice - "Cub" Art

    I sat here this morning and read this whole entire thread. All the drama all the flaming and a good amount of banning. I had no clue this was going on, even though I come here every day :lol: I came here just following someone I deeply care about from another art site, because I wanted...