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  1. thedinopharaoh

    (Commission) Selling: HQ Commissions from 5€ to 100€+

    Hey there! My commissions are now open, please take a look at my prices if you’re interested! I’m accepting Paypal invoices only! (Examples are included with the prices) Please make sure to read the following before commissioning: TERMS AND CONDITIONS www.deviantart.com: Terms and...
  2. thedinopharaoh

    Painted Digital Commissions!

    I'm offering chibis, portraits, full illustrations, etc. Price starts at $20 Prices, examples, terms and conditions can all be found on my website: idinopharaoh.wixsite.com: dinopharaoh Thank you!
  3. thedinopharaoh

    Valentine's Day Art (closed)

    I would love to work on this! My final price for this would be about $200~ Here's all you need to know: idinopharaoh.wixsite.com: dinopharaoh
  4. thedinopharaoh

    Bringing a femboy deer to life

    Hey, I'd love to help you out! You can send me a message on DA or FA: dinoPharaoh on DeviantArt Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here are some of my reference and anthro examples:
  5. thedinopharaoh

    Dino's Digital Art Commissions! (TF, flats, chibis, paintings, icons, etc,)!

    Please NOTE or PM me on: Deviantart: dinoPharaoh on DeviantArt Furaffinity: Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Info: Here's my price sheet with all the information: https://img00.deviantart.net/f52f/i.....oh-dbdnppl.png Status: OPEN TRANSFORMATIONS: Can be commissioned...
  6. thedinopharaoh

    8x $50-100 ea illus.

    Hey there! I'm interested in your commission! Here's my commission info: Here are examples of my illustrations:
  7. thedinopharaoh

    Furry/Anthro/Human commissions! (From $5 to $100)!

    PRICES: INFO: COMMISSIONS: Current status: OPEN Please send me a NOTE! Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ICONS !!Animated or non-animated. Please specify which one!! -Paypal ONLY: miki.iksiks@gmail.com -Send me a NOTE so we can discuss the commission...
  8. thedinopharaoh

    Dragon character concepting

    Hey there! I'm interested in your commission! Here are my prices and a few dragon examples: Recent color example:
  9. thedinopharaoh

    Anthro cell-shaded commissions for $30!

    Humans, human like creatures and anthro's (or furries) only please! PM me on here or my furaffinity account: Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net The background must be a simple design! You can pay in two parts. You can pay in any currency! You can pay at any given time. Please...
  10. thedinopharaoh

    YCH Valentine's Day Auction!

    Any species, any gender! No ferals please! First come, first serve! 1. OPEN 2. OPEN It will be colored and shaded like this (OR CELL-SHADED):
  11. thedinopharaoh

    Open for digital art commissions!

    OPEN! (dm if interested) I am comfortable in drawing any animal species, humans, hybrids, etc. I mostly enjoy painting anthro's and humans! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS $85-100 (depends on the...
  12. thedinopharaoh

    Free NSFW Sketches (10 slots for February OPEN)

    I'll give it a shot, why not c: He's a very outgoing type who likes to spend most of his time in bars. He loves Jack Daniel's Honey and never gets drunk from it. He hates fences and most humans. He has human private parts and it's the same color as his fingers (pink-ish). :D
  13. thedinopharaoh

    Looking for guro/gore artist

    Hey there, I am very interested in your project! I haven't personally drew gore to this extent, but I have quite a few ideas how the end result might look like. Here are my prices and examples: A bit of gore: (older art) dinopharaoh.deviantart.com: Inktober2016 | Day 13 - Scared Art now...