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  1. CursedFire

    Uncommon Species

    I'm working on getting some variety in my works, and I am curious what kind of uncommon species do you guys wish you saw more of? I personally would love to see some takes on aquatic mammals like sea lions! And maybe reptiles (like maybe some fun anthro leopard geckos!) What is it you all...
  2. CursedFire

    PWYW Commissions!

    Still Available!
  3. CursedFire

    PWYW Commissions!

    I am in desperate need of a prosthetic, so to raise money, I'm doing Pay-What-You-Want commissions! Digital are $5+ Traditional are $7+ Ping me or message me with your offer and details about what you want, and we can figure out something that will work for the both of us. I'm currently...
  4. CursedFire

    Seeking a raccoon commission

    I can do simple reference sheets for $20, and if you'd be interested, I could also work out a black friday/ cyber monday deal with you for some free add-ons. I could do something about like this for $20.
  5. CursedFire

    Looking for art of my boar fursona.

    If you're still interested in people, I'd be interested! Your character is super cute. My furaffinity gallery has more examples as well.
  6. CursedFire

    Looking for someone to colour two of my drawings.

    To clarify, would you be interested in these lined and colored digitally, or do you want them to color the traditional drawings? Do you want flat color, or do you want shaded?
  7. CursedFire

    OPEN Commissions and $5 NSFW male YCH

    Price guidelines can be seen above, I am negotiable and can do more than seen above. More examples can be seen in my gallery here Note me through FA or any of the listed sites to commission me. I also AM CURRENTLY OPEN for NSFW images, at my discretion. Commission Slots: 1. 2. 3. I also...