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  1. VengeanceZ

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19976064/ An ambient-esque/easy listening track with instruments like an Erhu, Koto and a Low Whistle. Vocals were provided by Cait McWhir.
  2. VengeanceZ

    A Ship to the North is now available on Bandcamp! - Easy Listening

    Hello Musicians of Furaffinity! I've recently released my older track entitled "A Ship to the North" on Bandcamp, which is available for £1 or more. The track is available in high quality MP3, FLAC and a plethora of other formats, over at - https://grandvision.bandcamp.com/ Includes a...
  3. VengeanceZ

    Check out Grandvision Gaming for Entertaining Hearthstone Commentary!

    http://bit.ly/1yauBIC Hunter Arena Part 2 is now live. ""We continue to delve deeper into the doggy phenomena, discovering that the only way to beat it, is to top deck all the right cards." Please rate, comment and subscribe! It really helps, thanks!
  4. VengeanceZ

    Check out Grandvision Gaming for Entertaining Hearthstone Commentary!

    New Arena Run is up now - http://bit.ly/1BeCBwM
  5. VengeanceZ

    Check out Grandvision Gaming for Entertaining Hearthstone Commentary!

    Hello video game community, I've been working on a gaming channel over this week, and I finally have everything set up. Ever since I discovered let's players back in 2006 I wanted to do one myself, because it seemed like fun, and it is. Currently only uploading Hearthstone Arena videos in...
  6. VengeanceZ

    Any Hearthstone players here?

    I do, quite often if I can. I actually recently started recording my Arena runs in Hearthstone, if you want to check them out - http://bit.ly/1KSTwu9 (bit.ly is a link shorter that redirects straight to the original creators link he submitted) I rarely if ever play Ranked since I don't have the...
  7. VengeanceZ

    The Shadow Eclipse Dark Fantasy Novel hungers for your view!

    Ah yes. I often miss stuff like this. I've been rewriting a lot of stuff and sometimes forget to add prepositions & postpositions. I should definitely add more detail.
  8. VengeanceZ

    The Shadow Eclipse Dark Fantasy Novel hungers for your view!

    So using all the human senses? Smell, touch, see? I tried using it a few times here and there. My vocabulary definitely needs expansion. I will try describing the world in a more vivid manner. Although often it's good to leave the imagery up to the reader, but I do describe the important parts...
  9. VengeanceZ

    A Fantasy Novel written by YOU!

    I contemplated that but it seemed more relevant here since there are actual writers in this section, and since this is more of a collaboration for writers to get their creative juices flowing with free form writing, it would be far more suitable in this section.
  10. VengeanceZ

    The Shadow Eclipse Dark Fantasy Novel hungers for your view!

    I'll have a look over and see where the grammar errors still persist. I've kept some sentences simple so as to not make them cliché or overwhelming. I understand overusing the same verb such as "said", I'll try to vary it in the future. I am still trying to develop my writing style and all of...
  11. VengeanceZ

    A Fantasy Novel written by YOU!

    I'll start then since everyone is so shy! A speck of light fizzled into existence, trailing down amongst the darkness. Ever it grew wearily, to float without meaning or purpose. Treading ever softly, it met another of it's kind, the space between them grew smaller, until eventually they met...
  12. VengeanceZ

    The Shadow Eclipse Dark Fantasy Novel hungers for your view!

    Prologue and Two Chapters are up. http://figment.com/books/770861-The-Shadow-Eclipse Currently developing my writing style with this novel. I am also learning a lot about dialogue, show don't tell, passive voice, third person omniscient. I generally don't share my work until I have at least...
  13. VengeanceZ

    A Fantasy Novel written by YOU!

    It's simple. Write something that is coherent to the previous writing that the user has submitted. It can be of any length, although I advise against large bits of work. Keep it simple, but let your inner self be unleashed in a maddened fire of love and hate. This is to let everyone's creative...
  14. VengeanceZ

    What the hell are all these buttons for?!?!

    My best advice is to just mess around with it, for days, weeks, months even. You'll get the hang of it eventually, or if not then I suggest dubstep tutorials, specifically for VST's you are using. Sytrus should not be underestimated, it's quite powerful in the right hands and it's easy to get...
  15. VengeanceZ

    Can people be good writers without reading?

    I've actually only read 3 fantasy fiction books in my life time(Old Kingdom Series: Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen), the others were mandatory(school & college) I've been told I have a very good grasp of telling an actual story in it's own right, the setting, the feel, the suspense and finally the...
  16. VengeanceZ

    Outdoor Activities

    Outdoor Activities? I am sorry, what are those?
  17. VengeanceZ

    How can people still eat at McDonald's?

    I don't eat at Mcdonalds. I get a free meal at KFC if I work there for 6 hours a day. The cool thing is that I can make any type of burger I want, custom, any amount of lettuce, mayo, special bbq sauce or just bbq sauce, any chicken type, etc. By the way did you know that they use special...
  18. VengeanceZ

    The Fur-Drake Equation

    I am still disappointed that there isn't enough fuzzy drakes in this thread.
  19. VengeanceZ

    How Do You Deal With Self-Doubt?

    The less you think about what other people will think about your work, judge it the less stressed, worried you will be. Just let go, focus completely on the story. Don't worry about anything, just imagine your story, setting, characters. Like a vivid dream, almost like a daydream. I know a...
  20. VengeanceZ

    Who here likes lapfox?

    If he's a he then he's a he. f he doesn't like it, it's his problem and he has a weird mind. He will always stay a he as a male, you can't change that unless you decide to change your gender, I don't think he wants that. Still whatever floats his boat.