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  1. Aruvia

    Wanna be in a story?

    I am going to be writing a gay furry erotica I have titled 'The Learning Curve'. As you may know, every story needs characters. While I do have some characters, I need a lot more. The setting is a university, so if you want to have your fursona as a teacher, random student, or having some some...
  2. Aruvia

    Fast Food?

    T-Beezy REPRESENT!
  3. Aruvia


    football keeps me in check.
  4. Aruvia

    Secrets you've never told anyone

    im kinda the same way. dont b afraid, ur not alone!
  5. Aruvia

    So who wants to share?

    attack attack! , videogames, football (practice and games), fantasizing bout fursuits and furries.
  6. Aruvia

    Secrets you've never told anyone

    lets see, im bi, a furry, have 2 sex toys, mild schizophrenia, mild autism, kinda obsessed with fire and burning things.
  7. Aruvia


    i have a huge ass scar on my arm from when i broke my arm.
  8. Aruvia

    Odd Question

    not wrong at all bro. irl im bi. my fursona is gay though.
  9. Aruvia

    If you were a yiffstar (furry pornstar) what would your yiff name be?

    be afraid of the answer. inb4 Gideon Sir Assripper
  10. Aruvia

    Your introduction into the Furdom.

    doing mascot jobs. easy as that.
  11. Aruvia


    i just found this. i dont really know wat to think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCxZOmSfRGw
  12. Aruvia

    lookin for some advice

    just sent him a message too
  13. Aruvia


    pretty cool dude. he reminds me of a more dark-tauren style thing, 'cept he's not a cow. ps. fort worth! thts so cool!
  14. Aruvia

    Unpopular fursonas

    makes sense.
  15. Aruvia

    lookin for some advice

    oh. thought u bought it.
  16. Aruvia

    lookin for some advice

    ok. where did u get a $100 fursuit?
  17. Aruvia

    Aruvia the skunk, explained.

    Name: Aruvia Age: 18 Sex: Male Species: Skunk Height: 5' 10" Weight: 140 lbs. Hair and fur: Long pink hair. Purple fur with some lime green lines. Pads are lime green as well. Markings: Pink spots here and there. Eye color: Lime Green Personality: Active and fun. Skills: Can make friends...
  18. Aruvia

    What is your favorite quote?

    best. quote. ever!
  19. Aruvia

    What animal do you think best represents mother nature?

    gonna go with an eagle.