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  1. ArcdAM

    Nintendo Direct (Wii U & 3DS games)

    Playstyles being different are merely annoying. Differential development philosophies is what will never make such a thing happen. Sega focus tests everything to hell, while Nintendo hates focus testing much of the time.
  2. ArcdAM

    Site status closed?

    I'm assuming this doesn't factor the "Whatever FA says multiply it by 4" joke rule?
  3. ArcdAM

    UNOFFICIAL SUGGESTION THREAD - By Programmers, For Programmers.

    I didn't mean to say you were wrong D: if it came out that way. I was just trying to say that under certain circumstances, a character, can fall under copyright protection of a literary work such as a story is all. It isn't as absolute as those protections ascribed to an image(in fact it's...
  4. ArcdAM

    UNOFFICIAL SUGGESTION THREAD - By Programmers, For Programmers.

    Damn you OT topics DX This is true, however while a character itself is not copyrightable, it CAN enjoy copyright protection as part of a graphical image, literary work, music ect....Since most furries who generally cannot draw(AKA me), usually incorporate their characters into some sort of...
  5. ArcdAM

    Site Status [12/15/2013]

    I'm sure FA is just waiting to surprise everyone by announcing the restoration of the site in tandem with Valve's imminent announcement of Half life 3. On a more serious note: 1. FA, seriously, the method of communication needs to be overhauled. The fact that my professor who teaches at 2...
  6. ArcdAM

    Who's into bitcoin?

    Honestly by this point in Bitcoin life, if you don't have some sort of FPGA or ASIC, you're wasting your time. Communities in general for the currency and the use GPU mining has dropped liked a rock. That being said, while I found the concept interesting, it's not something I am willing to...
  7. ArcdAM

    What got you into the furry fandom?

    Furries themselves more than likely. Not fetishes or nothing of the sort though. Drama and other related activities yes.
  8. ArcdAM

    Do you think your fursona is rare?

    Generally? A color squirrel(brown, grey red ect..) is not rare as far as I know. Not the most common, but still somewhat so. If we wanna get into specifics however? I would consider him decently rare in some respects more than others.