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  1. iller

    Not sucking at TF2 x3

    "Hi, I have nothing better to do than watch this forum every single day...And my post count shows it. Therefore any reply older than 3 days is considered Necroing to me" Playing Spy is always Relevant because there's always someone somewhere still learning how to do it. This will only stop...
  2. iller

    Just a question about TF2 vs Counterstrike/clones

    TF2 is a game of Rock Papers Scissors... a metaphor often used to describe any class-based PvP format. It's about constantly adapting tactics to a "Meta" where the more successful you are, the more people who will come after you with a pair of Scissors to your Paper. Or if you're bad at it...
  3. iller

    Not sucking at TF2 x3

    There is no getting better with Spy. I've spent more time spec'ing Spies than I have playing most classes, and it's all Luck. Some people are just incredibly lucky and others aren't. It's not a matter of skill or some kind of tactic your team could be told to do differently. "Great Spies"...
  4. iller

    Furry MMORPG

    ...there was no check box for "Must have decent GAMEPLAY" MMO's with crappy replay value don't hold anyone's attention very long regardless of graphics and unfortunately, furries couldn't balance decent gameplay coding if Rob Pardo(aka: GOD) was there holding their hand every step of the way.
  5. iller

    Randomness: Team fortress 2

    I really miss this game... I think moar ppl tried to friend me in it than watched me on FA... Awesome community but I had to quit b/c the FrontSideBus on my Motherboard is frozen at 266mhz from a 2-gb PAGEFILE b/c I only have 900mb freemem, even though I was running dual 2400 CPU's /w...
  6. iller

    Infinity Ward

    QFT ...and I certainly don't get many opportunities to agree with TehSean...
  7. iller

    Furry Guild Wars Guild >.=.>

    The Charr... but they won't be a playable race until GW2 which isn't even slated for Beta until 2010 or later
  8. iller

    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    TF2 server as long as it has real ways of dealing with Micspammers and Team-Stackers. The ones available currently are really being dragged down by both those issues, and one of them won't even let anyone register anymore or contact admins to complain about it...
  9. iller

    TF2: Shave that matted Fur & let Sunshine be the antiseptic

    Demo only picks up what my client Receives, not what is actually happening between their Client, the packets, and the Server. And as I said, I'm not here to get anyone banned. But the more you guys cling to this idea that banning is the only solution, the more flagrant their cheating will...
  10. iller

    TF2: Shave that matted Fur & let Sunshine be the antiseptic

    I used to Troll BNET just to get banned... The reward was in the fact that they could never ban ya completely... just the fake IP or cloned serialz ya used so the "reward" was Victory through attrition. Not really, all you're doing is forcing the cheater to cheat himself. If the rest of the...
  11. iller

    TF2: Shave that matted Fur & let Sunshine be the antiseptic

    Thanks but I'm not interested in getting them banned, or much more likely being told "I can't see it" by an Admin. Of course they can't see it, the packets are being manip'd. As I concluded at the bottom of the OP, I'd just like to discuss possible solutions that would conveniently minimize...
  12. iller

    TF2: Shave that matted Fur & let Sunshine be the antiseptic

    It was used tongue-in-cheek ...I'll italisize it just for you then you can write a serious reply. Deal?
  13. iller

    TF2: Shave that matted Fur & let Sunshine be the antiseptic

    Now you seem to be taking issue with a Post that I did not direct at you. Plz save the STFU-talk for in-game, we have the proper format to discuss things like adults here. Thank you for proving my point: IE: you're typically only going to see total n00bs get caught b/c they're the only ones...
  14. iller

    TF2: Shave that matted Fur & let Sunshine be the antiseptic

    Thank you for a real reply... ...not if the Admins don't know what to look for. Masking the Hack's presence is now the biggest portion of code in any Hack app. Just like the Cashcow that is/was "the Clear" in Pro Sports (to keep borrowing BB analogies) You seem to have me confused with a...
  15. iller

    TF2: Shave that matted Fur & let Sunshine be the antiseptic

    So you're saying you DO understand every bit of the game and can explain or Refute every Observation I listed and show how they have no connection whatsoever to the WORKING Overlay programs I linked to? If so plz do! ...I'm waiting. If not then your response is summed up as 'U suck, Durp a...
  16. iller

    TF2: Shave that matted Fur & let Sunshine be the antiseptic

    (Loooong & Detailed ...skip to end for wrap-it-up solution) First of all, I'd like to pre-face this by by offering an Olive-Branch to the FurryPound & CC2 Admins: I know that they're volunteers, and shouldn't be expected to perform miracles. We all appreciate every ounce of effort they...
  17. iller

    Youtube sucks now?

    I don't know how the eff I'm supposed to answer that poll at the top... As for Youtube... Gonna miss the AMV's (well, the 1% of them that aren't all Naruto/DBZ garbage, ...jeezus christ) since that's actually something you can't just buy at stores. But the rest of it... anyone could see this...
  18. iller

    Things in video games that annoy the @#%$ out of you.

    The biggest enemy or annoyance I keep facing in Games lately seem to be the developers themselves. The egos on these people have gotten way out of hand to the point that Kanye West seems like a humble man by comparison.
  19. iller

    Looking for artist. (Images NSFW)

    ROFL.... I dunno what's funnier... that someone's actually trying to track down the source of that Epically disturbing 'Roidrage rodeo', or the fact that a Mod apparently deleted the Youtube Link. Anyone wanting a peek at the LuLz should go search for episode 10 - "it's not lupus".
  20. iller

    Why do YOU put art on FA?

    Dunno anymore...I guess I was just b/c everyone else was... The more I post tho, the more I realize most people just aren't impressed. There's really no getting around Bad-Ratings on a site that's just 1 big Popularity contest