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  1. Furry Anarchy

    Anyone planning on playing overwatch?

    I didn't actually have much hype for it but my friend pestered me to get the beta and i played it and loved every second of it. I'll definitely be getting it when it comes out
  2. Furry Anarchy

    Anyone have to hide their fur side?

    I have this problem too, I don't tell anyone simply because I can't be bothered with the drama. Only friends i've met over the internet know im a furry
  3. Furry Anarchy

    Battlefield vs Call of Duty.

    My friend just told me COD 4 is only available in the two best versions of infinity warfare which are both like $100+
  4. Furry Anarchy

    Battlefield vs Call of Duty.

    Yup, Its they newest thing they have to do in order for people to buy the game
  5. Furry Anarchy

    Battlefield vs Call of Duty.

    I've always liked battlefield more so im looking forward to trying out the next one. What COD are doing with the COD 4 remake only being available if you buy the new one is bullshit though
  6. Furry Anarchy

    Which Instrument Should I Learn to Play Next?

    I would say play the guitar because im learning how to play it and its a lot of fun but the ukele would be easier to learn
  7. Furry Anarchy

    Oh hi there <3

    Welcome to FAF there are lots of friendly people here and there is also a lot of gamers including myself
  8. Furry Anarchy

    Ermm hi?

    Hi there, round about this time last year i was new to all this stuff but you'll get to meet new friends and have a whole tonne of fun im also socially awkward but you dont have to worry about that over the internet anyways welcome to the site
  9. Furry Anarchy

    wait wah? oh Hi!

    I seen Ragnarok and thought of the map on halo 4 instantly. Anyways welcome to the site your bound to make new friends easily :)
  10. Furry Anarchy

    New Webcomic: Zoophobia

    Just finished reading it and its actually really good i cant wait for more
  11. Furry Anarchy

    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Re: Games You've Recently Bought? I bought: Dead rising 3 (xbox one) £45 Battlefield 4 (xbox one) £49 They are both amazingly fun games to play!
  12. Furry Anarchy

    Titanfall will have max 6 vs 6 gameplay

    I don't mind 6v6 more chance of not getting killed constantly
  13. Furry Anarchy

    2014 Games You Want?

    I would love to have: Titanfall (xbox one) Destiny (xbox one) spartan assault (xbox one) halo 5 mine craft (xbox one) maybe wofenstein as well (xbox one)
  14. Furry Anarchy

    I only just went on FA today thank you for saying happy birthday :)

    I only just went on FA today thank you for saying happy birthday :)
  15. Furry Anarchy

    Xbox One Discussion Thread

    Don't i feel stupid
  16. Furry Anarchy

    Xbox One Discussion Thread

    I don't know whether anyone has said this yet but the Xbox one no longer requires a constant internet connection and you can play used games. But they got rid of the DRM which means no family sharing on games or any system like steam. I've heard a lot of people saying you have to buy the kinect...
  17. Furry Anarchy

    Free Minecraft Skins Here

    I wouldn't mind a free skin since i have no idea how to do it. heres my ref sheets http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10830451/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10880379/ if you need more info on his looks please me me know
  18. Furry Anarchy

    Hi, All ^^

    Hi there im also from the UK and my fursona is also a wolf and i'm interested in being a vet when i'm older too, well that or an engineer. Anyways welcome to FA!
  19. Furry Anarchy

    New and kinda shy >.>

    Hi there i love Australia i have family there and i once went on a two month holiday there. I never wanted to leave. I'm sure you will have a good time here
  20. Furry Anarchy

    Martial Arts?

    You remind me of me i've had no training in fighting but i can deal one hell of a punch and i can also take one hell of a punch without it hurting