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  1. Alderic

    Favorite type of foods

    I tend to love Meats & Spicy foods. But on culture side;It's typically European dishes (Mainly Germany)
  2. Alderic


    Welcome OP ^_^;;
  3. Alderic

    "I could care less" vs "I couldn't care less"

    ehehe Rage face as an option.. ^__^ But to topic: I've thought about this before too actually..I always say "I couldn't care less" because "i could care less" Still implies you are at-least thinking about what they are saying and have a minimal amount of caring. I mean to each their own; but it...
  4. Alderic

    I finally made one of these...Hi!

    Welcome OP! Wow you lurked longer than I've even been a member xD Have fun :)
  5. Alderic

    Hi. I'm new.

    Tl;dr Welcome OP!
  6. Alderic

    Oh. Hello, I guess? :3

    Welcome New Op'er. :)
  7. Alderic

    Had this bizarre dream last night

    I agree with Dj. I get dreams from past lifes sometimes. But it could also be from watching a program like that before sleeping xD or milk. it happens sometimes
  8. Alderic

    The Great Beyond

    I have always strongly believed in reincarnation & karma. (I am buddhist) I believe that if you insulted and bullied a disabled kid,karma would judge you and your next life you'd be disabled.
  9. Alderic

    What famous people have you met?

    No-one ._. The only people I've met is some people from a towing show that I don't even like. But my parents do.
  10. Alderic

    The one-sided focus of 9/11 - the Twin Towers.

    I have also thought of the same thing. But you MUST remember..The media prefers to make things into a scare tactic and only focus on the crimes rather than focusing on the ones who were lost. Let's say..That a girl was raped, Well they wouldn't go on to say what would happen to the child,only...
  11. Alderic

    Favorite coffee with a side of something?

    I prefer mine just straight black >_> But if i drink it with something, Maybe some type of vanilla. I'm not sure.
  12. Alderic


    Thank you ^^ Idk what i didn't just figure that out. I'm actually pretty good with computers. must be real tired xD
  13. Alderic


    yes please tell me how xD? I dont get the option of that
  14. Alderic

    On Managing Stress.

    Idk what it is but I prefer not to yell or scream. It just makes me feel weird o.O
  15. Alderic

    Hi everybody

    Welcome to the FAF my friend.
  16. Alderic


    Pretty much just what Xenke said. While we are on the topic of "information" can someone please tell me how to put a link in my siggy without it showing the link? (i know such a noob question. >> )
  17. Alderic

    Identity Theft

    I watched a program on identity theft a few weeks back. It's not hard whatsoever for them to hack into the bank account settings and such; So therefore it is still gonna continue to happen whether they keep upgrading their systems because of people determined for those bad things. (But it is...
  18. Alderic

    On Managing Stress.

    I'm sorry. I was only saying the things I do for stress. But the other things could work for you. Idk i don't know you personally so I couldn't say. But i wish you the best of luck ;3
  19. Alderic

    On Managing Stress.

    Well... I: Excercise Go on jogs Music(always) Nice t.v. shows Deep breathing meditation Weed xD But if you seriously want to deal with panic disorder..(I have it as well) Sometimes you have to focus on good things,let out your anger and just get into music. That's what i do;atleast. I know...
  20. Alderic


    I act more like a girl >> lol Maybe it'd be nice to a girl..idk xD