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  1. JerryFoxcoon

    Fenders bitch!

    2006 DAYUM!
  2. JerryFoxcoon

    I'll refrain from making puns...

    Puns are my kind of humour LOL. French is filled with potential puns, that's why I love that language. It just never stops. xD
  3. JerryFoxcoon

    The Importance of friendship?

    I really can't complain about my (extended) family. They're really nice folks. In fact we don't get to see each other much, and I wish it'd happen more often. Always a great time. Unfortunately life has taught me a totally different lesson with friends. So between both, I'd choose family, hands...
  4. JerryFoxcoon

    Childhood Artwork vs. Adulthood Artwork

    That's an interesting question. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil in my hand. I don't remember a period of time I didn't draw. But only in the late 00s did I start to take it more seriously and actually LEARN to draw properly. Though I still have the very first comics I drew...
  5. JerryFoxcoon

    Cliché furries

    Well it's not a 50/50 mix so to speak Because 50/50s are too mainstream :V
  6. JerryFoxcoon

    Cliché furries

    That being said, a realistic-looking hybrid can look cool. Don't I look cool? C:
  7. JerryFoxcoon

    Bad guys that you wanted to win.

    Wile Coyote. He would deserve at least one good meal. (Then bring Road Runner back to life, because fuck logic)
  8. JerryFoxcoon

    Cliché furries

    Well, now that you mentioned them... :V
  9. JerryFoxcoon

    Cliché furries

    Leg warmers look pretty femboy-ish to me. Especially stripped ones LOL.
  10. JerryFoxcoon

    What scares you?

    Last week I found a huge moth laying in a corner at work. Not sure if it was still alive, I blew on it to see if it would react, and the wings split from the body! I literally went D:
  11. JerryFoxcoon


    Aside from some video games and TV, most of my childhood memories revolve around the things I did with my friends, mostly RPGs we created and random shit. I also had a weird interest in recording things with a tape recorder. I even still have these recordings today with next to no degradation...
  12. JerryFoxcoon

    Worst furry artist

    I was talking about the condiment, not you LOL.
  13. JerryFoxcoon

    Worst furry artist

    Inb4 analogies between mayonnaise and sex
  14. JerryFoxcoon

    My Fursona description

    >"Fuck fursonas" >"Yiff in hell furfags" > Is a fox I feel something's discordant here, but I can't pinpoint it!
  15. JerryFoxcoon

    Worst furry artist

    Oh muurrr :V
  16. JerryFoxcoon

    Why are all furries faggots?

    This is otter bullshit! Oops, another pun, tehehehehe C: ​ ​We are much, MUCH more than 80% :V
  17. JerryFoxcoon

    Worst furry artist

    This be a troll! :D
  18. JerryFoxcoon

    What scares you?

    Spending the rest of my life alone. That's my biggest fear at the moment. Otherwise it's only minor things. If there's a thunderstorm while I'm in bed, I get anxious. I'm perfectly fine elsewhere. Dreaming of tornadoes. Nothing scares me more in a dream than a tornado! I kinda feel the same...
  19. JerryFoxcoon

    Canadian furres?

    I'M A FOXCOON AND I AM SO OFFENDED :V Did I say I live in Quebec? Oh yeah, it's right there, duh... <----------