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  1. rhansen23

    Any furs into sports?

    Lets see... wrestling, soccer, baseball and paintball would probably be my favorites. As far as not team sports, does hiking/swimming count?
  2. rhansen23

    Back on the fandom train. Bad relationship over, and on to new horizons!

    Back on the fandom train. Bad relationship over, and on to new horizons!
  3. rhansen23

    for following me :p

    for following me :p
  4. rhansen23

    thank you :3

    thank you :3
  5. rhansen23

    What is your talent?

    I have extremely good factual recall, and am a natural public speaker. In fact that was my main job in the Navy, giving presentations to large groups of officers and the like and getting to go to other countries and talk to them too. Along with that I enjoy writing, but I'd never say I was...
  6. rhansen23

    What's Your Personality Type?

    ENFJ here, I love this test. On the ship, I'd get all my co-workers to take it when we were underway.
  7. rhansen23

    CaliFur 2017

    Im thinking of going. Don't really know anyone to go with yet, but it sounds like fun
  8. rhansen23

    What are your guilty (non-sexual) pleasures?

    I'm a aromatherapy nut, I usually carry lotion around on me, and just randomly i use a little like every hour before breathing through my hands for like 10 seconds. It smells awesome but it looks like Im a crazy person. So I have to look back and forth to make sure no-ones looking, making it a...
  9. rhansen23

    How's the weather??

    Im such a baby, I'm from california, so our 43 degree temperature right now is absolutely freezing.
  10. rhansen23

    Getting ready to go back to school for the first time in years. Here goes nothing

    Getting ready to go back to school for the first time in years. Here goes nothing
  11. rhansen23

    Do you have any Uncommon Phobias?

    Mine is rather specific, I'm afraid of things wrapping/grabbing me while in the water. Not drowning per se, but being entangled in a body of water is petrifying to me.
  12. rhansen23

    What's for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner

    Breakfast: Earl Grey with lemon and some yogurt Lunch: Leftover orange chicken and rice Dinner: Ummm... I'm thinking Steak or lemon-pepper chicken. Mmmmmmmmm.
  13. rhansen23

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    *notices expression* Uh... Good... erm... I-I think I'm gonna go now. Where is my shoe?
  14. rhansen23

    Getting fit for Pride

    Hmmmm, well my separation fitness test is coming up next month so I might as well join too! Plus, an additional 10 lbs or so before summer gets too into swing couldn't hurt :)
  15. rhansen23

    What is your gender?

    Male. My god this is a real album? I saw it in the bad dragon shop and thought it was a poster. Now I'm sad I didn't pick it up it sounds hilarious.
  16. rhansen23

    How many Spam Bots have you blocked, so far?

    12 i think, sure have some tenacity, don't they?
  17. rhansen23

    Have You Ever Been Bitten By A Wild Animal? (aside From Insects/spiders)

    I left the window slightly down because my car is black and heats up pretty quickly. I guess it crawled in then couldn't climb back out
  18. rhansen23

    Where are you guys from?

    Northern California :)
  19. rhansen23

    Corrupt-A-Wish Resurrected

    Granted, but the suit is 6 sizes too small. I wish I had a paid vacation to the Louve.
  20. rhansen23

    What are you doing right now?

    Trying to defeat writer's block.