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  1. CAThulu

    OMG Turn it up NAOW!! :O

    This is insane! :D Love it! DeadMau5 is always on my mp3 player when I'm at the gym. Whenever Brazil comes on I just close my eyes and run! ^_^ PCkHzXK_RHo But for random music on the radio, right now it's Helena Beat by Foster The People XBFfFmWcPQM
  2. CAThulu

    International Fur's

    I'm putting myself down as 'other', since I saw America/USA, but nothing about where Canada should be on planet Earth :P
  3. CAThulu

    Why do athiest celebrate Christmas?

    Simply put, `no man is an island`. An atheist may have christian family members and whether or not they choose to celebrate it in the home, they`ll have to celebrate it with their family. Also, when it is absolutely EVERYWHERE, it`s kind of hard to avoid ;) Christmas is also a banner term for...
  4. CAThulu

    Hey~ ^_^

    Hiya Chikaku! Okay, we`re not THAT scary, Grae *L*. But he is kinda right. Lurking is good so you know who likes to use a little more sarcasm then others, and just to learn FAF ettiquette. Necro-posting is bad, net-speak and text-speak is frowned upon, and being a troll while new is not a...
  5. CAThulu

    The Holiday Thread!

    Thanks, Commiecomrade. ^_^ Happy Yule!!! :D
  6. CAThulu

    Will the American Spring come?

    True. And while they have been going down for the past while, and I am well aware of this, as people become more and more aware of their situation, and the gap widens between the haves and the have-nots, petty crime and theft will most likely increase. That doesn't mean that it is rising now...
  7. CAThulu

    I Need Help

    Aww, Clay :( *hugs* Do you have a Mental Health Crisis Center in your city? Call them or drop in on them. They will have resources and people that you can call. They will also have trained people who will listen. Any questions or concerns that you have they can answer, or put you in touch...
  8. CAThulu

    Will the American Spring come?

    While that's true that the poor in Canada and the US are incredibly wealthy compared most others in the rest of the world, it doesn't mean that poverty isn't a problem. You're not taking the living costs into account here. If you're in an area that gets snow, you absolutely need shelter, and...
  9. CAThulu

    College/high school education

    Art Fundimentals Certificate - Honours standing. I was in an Applied Bachelors program for Illustration, but I had to leave after 2 years due to an ongoing illness that I'm still receiving treatment for. Sometimes life happens, and you can't finish the program. And I still have the knowledge...
  10. CAThulu


    I didn't start to come across hipsters until I learned how to knit. I've been making gifts for people this year and with a round trip 90 minute bus ride twice a week each week, I just knit on the bus. That's when they start to come out... the hipsters. "Whatcha making? Is it a scarf? A...
  11. CAThulu

    US to due process: "Fuck you"

    I was just wondering about that. Or maybe they're using this to distract us from SOPA.
  12. CAThulu

    Kim Jong Il reported to be dead.

    I lie down for a few hours and wake up to the world going to hell. I gotta stop taking naps. >_<
  13. CAThulu

    US to due process: "Fuck you"

    and i completely agree... if that was the only thing that was happening. I for one would LOVE if this could help curb violence, theft, gang activity, and illegal narcotics/ weapons trade, and not have the absolute potential be exploited. But now that OWS protesters have been officially...
  14. CAThulu

    US to due process: "Fuck you"

    That is the best description of our country's attitude I've ever come across. Some would say we're apathetic towards the whole situation, or maybe we're just hopeless about the whole thing. The 'occupy' movement up here is a big deal because we're not the kind to organize up here on a grand...
  15. CAThulu

    US to due process: "Fuck you"

    We already are. :C http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/1094483--border-deal-fuels-concerns-in-canada
  16. CAThulu

    US to due process: "Fuck you"

    Don't come to Canada. For one, the NDAA bill will not stop at the border; with the entire world being labelled as a battlefield in war, and the war they're using to justify this bill is the 'war on terror', you're not safe anywhere. You'll be extradited to Guantanamo no matter where you...
  17. CAThulu

    Funny shit you do when laughing

    I can laugh so hard I start crying. No joke; I inherited this from my grandfather. I've also been told I have a great, evil cackle :cool:
  18. CAThulu

    The fandom will improve your life

    Several of my friends, including my best friend, are furs. It's nice not to hide that part of myself around the ones that matter to me. I've also met awesome new people who are incredibly tolerant of sexual orientation. If you can walk into a fur meet and meet a girl who used to be a guy, and...
  19. CAThulu

    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    The Big Lebowski. I hadn't seen since it first came out. It's nice to get all the jokes now that I'm an adult :)
  20. CAThulu

    Your most played game(s)?

    It has been, and will always be Morrowind. At least until I get Skyrim, then it will be that ;)