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  1. Flame ZaFoxy

    Looking for a sub RP partner (NSFW)

    I can send you my discord and we can discuss ideas if you are free. I'll be happy to write as many paragraphs as is necessary if that is what it requires
  2. Flame ZaFoxy

    Looking for a sub RP partner (NSFW)

    Hey are you still open for rps over discord?
  3. Flame ZaFoxy

    Female pred Seeking NSFW 18 + RP Partner

    If you're still looking for people to rp with, my discord is AxelRedtail#9250
  4. Flame ZaFoxy

    Full! Sorry!

    You still looking for people? Pm me if you're still looking
  5. Flame ZaFoxy

    Private Roleplay Anyone

    You still available to play as your sona with me? *chuckles and extends a paw* I hope to make it worth your while ^^
  6. Flame ZaFoxy

    Feeders and inflators wanted!

    Sent you a private message if you're interested in roleplaying ^^
  7. Flame ZaFoxy

    NSFW futuristic romance (MxM)

    Are you still open for rp? I'd love to discuss more kinks and possible scenarios with if you have time over discord,telegram, or here if you so wish. I've been looking for a long term rp along the lines of something like this for a while but no one has been wanting to give me a chance. Discord...
  8. Flame ZaFoxy

    Master seeks Sub (NSFW)

    Are you still available for Rp? My discord is Axel Redtail #9250
  9. Flame ZaFoxy

    Giantess Witch looking for servants and slaves! +18 RP.

    I wouldn't mind doing a macro rp with you. I sent you a dm ^^
  10. Flame ZaFoxy

    Diaperfur RP

    Axel Redtail #9250 Would love to play with you asap! Msg me in dms on the site if my account isn't working.
  11. Flame ZaFoxy

    Duel RP

    What sort of alerts?
  12. Flame ZaFoxy

    Duel RP

    Axel Redtail #9250
  13. Flame ZaFoxy

    Duel RP

    Discord if that's ok
  14. Flame ZaFoxy

    Duel RP

    ((We're doing this rp on the forum?))
  15. Flame ZaFoxy

    I'm back and looking few rp partners!

    Hey! If you're looking for a male to play with, I'll gladly play with you given the opportunity. ^^
  16. Flame ZaFoxy

    Pred looking for Prey (NSFW)

    If you're still looking for rps, My discord is Axel Redtail #9250 but I do have a telegram if you are interested ^^
  17. Flame ZaFoxy

    Duel RP

    If you're looking for someone to fight, I'll gladly take you on! ^^
  18. Flame ZaFoxy

    Feral Dragon for a little fun (NSFW)(MXFXM)

    You still open for rps?
  19. Flame ZaFoxy

    Looking for vore RP partner

    I'm interested in rping with you at some point if you want. My discord is Axel Redtail #9250 I do have telegram but I don't use it very often. Can't wait to hear back from you! AxelTheFox~
  20. Flame ZaFoxy

    Hypnosis Transformation RP (NSFW +18

    Any chance you're still open for rp? I'd love to try out some transformation rps with you! My discord is Axel Redtail #9250 if you're interested