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  1. ScaredToBreathe

    Advice On Tattoo Artist Tipping?

    That's the really sad part...I don't feel right sending people to her because of how unprofessional and scary she was.
  2. ScaredToBreathe

    Advice On Tattoo Artist Tipping?

    So two weeks ago I got my first tattoo. I love it. The art is great and the artist did exactly what I asked for. However, I ran into a bit of a sticky situation when it came to tipping. The artist did amazing work, but her "bedside manner" was horrendous. My tattoo took around 4 hours between...
  3. ScaredToBreathe


    When you grow up in the mountains, you're bound to get some scars. -6 years ago I fell during a cross country meet and got gravel and mud in a big gash on my arm -5 years ago I wasn't paying attention while shaving and sliced a big piece of skin off of my left shin, making a scar the size of a...
  4. ScaredToBreathe

    So on the topic of fetishes..

    The more you try to draw meaning from it, the more you'll drive yourself insane. Although I do like the ironies some fetishes pose. Like how I have an incredible impregnation fetish but hate kids and never want them.
  5. ScaredToBreathe

    Most Disturbing/Depraved Fan Fics You've Read

    Read a Fifty Shades fan fiction where some depraved stay-at-home mom wrote herself into the storyline as a replacement for the female lead (because the hunky male lead totally wanted a REEEEEAL WOMAN WITH CUUUUUURVES). My eyes, they did bleed.
  6. ScaredToBreathe

    What do you use for transport?

    Dregs 45" L1 Ocean of Wonder longboard with downhill wheels. Used to have soy wheels, but my idiot brother borrowed them and lost one. So sliding wheels it is.
  7. ScaredToBreathe

    How suss does this look?

    It's a little sad how far companies have to go these days to avoid getting sued.
  8. ScaredToBreathe

    A Loveless Relationship? Advice please.

    I'm having a major "been there/done that moment". I first just want to say I totally feel you. That feeling you get when you keep getting rejected by a partner who used to love physical intimacy is really difficult. I personally felt ugly and unwanted and unloved when I'd dress up really pretty...
  9. ScaredToBreathe

    Mods please delete

    Good lord where do you even start with this. I suppose you'll have people commenting things like "get out now" or something similarly naive and idealistic. My personal advice, coming from someone who has an alcoholic, emotionally abusive parent is stay calm. You can't change your parents, as...
  10. ScaredToBreathe

    Anxiety About College

    Thanks, I'm sure I will enjoy a social life, I just get really nervous about other people sometimes. Especially guys I don't know who are bigger than me. And I'll be studying marketing with a focus on brand and reputation management. It's an awesome program, so I'm hoping that I'll meet some...
  11. ScaredToBreathe

    Anxiety About College

    So I'll be a freshman in college this coming year. I'm thrilled about the school I chose and the program I am in. However, I am feeling really anxious lately about it. I'm leaving a teeny tiny boarding school (170 kids in grades 9-12) and going to a much bigger city campus school of about...
  12. ScaredToBreathe

    My Bullying Experience, It Does Not Get Better Unless...

    I was bullied pretty brutally through middle school, to the point of complete mental breakdown. So I sold out. I went to boarding school and lost 15 pounds and bought an entirely new wardrobe and stopped talking about the "weird gay shit" (anime and anthro art). I haven't been bullied since...
  13. ScaredToBreathe

    Skype rumor spreading around FA

    I use Skype almost exclusively for swearing and porn. I'm not even sorry.
  14. ScaredToBreathe

    Fear of pregnancy. Help?

    In the years I've seen sexually active, I've learned that it's smart to bring your own condoms. Not because I'm all paranoid about someone poking a hole in one or something, but just because if you bring your own condoms, you'll know how old they are, where they've been and that they are a kind...
  15. ScaredToBreathe

    Your Emoticon Habits

    I very rarely use emoticons or add extra letters to words or abbreviate things unnecessarily (heyyyyyy, how r u???). I like emoticons when used sparingly, but when every sentence is punctuated with one my patience grows thin. I do make some concessions for those with dyslexia (my brother is...
  16. ScaredToBreathe

    Quirks about yourself or your habits

    When I'm alone and freaked out by something, I snap my fingers. It's like echolocation but for people with anxiety who watch too much Supernatural.
  17. ScaredToBreathe

    Right Versus Right Situations (Ending in a Dog Bite)

    I am not a mother (nor do I intend to be, but I digress), but I do enjoy the humor of the folks over at Bad Playdate, a site set up for parents to share stories of other weird parents doing weird stuff with their weird kids on playdates. However, one of the stories (not about a play date) caught...
  18. ScaredToBreathe

    Get Out What You Put In? (NSFW link)

    This popped up when I was reading the news. I thought it was pretty interesting as far as our current world culture. Yes, this link is about oral sex. So clearly NSFW. But I also thought there was a larger point to it as far as relationships in general. NSFW...
  19. ScaredToBreathe

    Are you "popufur"

  20. ScaredToBreathe

    What is the last thing you bought?

    I bought $136 worth of Sephora goodies. -Benefit "They're Real" mascara -2 Beauty Blenders -Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation in "Light Beige" -Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in "Radient Light"