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  1. Mayonnaise

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    I hope you make good coffee.
  2. Mayonnaise

    What would you do??

    Fap, then figure other things like hiding/food after that.
  3. Mayonnaise

    Looking for a comic page.

    It's a four panel comic, in colour. Something about how people become furries/furry origins? One of the panel have a baby fox in a crib. I think the text in the panel is "some of us are born into it" and "why can't I have a normal child". Another panel have a fox and an otter. The text in that...
  4. Mayonnaise

    What's your desk like.

    Kind of cluttered, lots of seeds in plastic containers right now.
  5. Mayonnaise

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    Hello uhh... what's your name again?
  6. Mayonnaise

    Anyone have to hide their fur side?

    Nobody seems to know what a furry here. No need to hide it.
  7. Mayonnaise

    what would a fox language be like

    Probably like bonobos or dolphins. Lots of uhmm... close contact, yes.
  8. Mayonnaise

    What did you do when you was a cub?

    If my memory serves me well, I was never a cub. I don't remember my childhood...
  9. Mayonnaise

    Are there any way to record someone else's stream?

    Thank you! It works perfectly. Naughty... naughty cervid. :p
  10. Mayonnaise

    Which age group do you find the most attractive?

    Someone around my age. So... around 24-34 years old, I guess?
  11. Mayonnaise

    Are there any way to record someone else's stream?

    Wondered if this could be done while watching someone draw on Picarto. Could've help in learning a few stuff if it can be done.
  12. Mayonnaise

    Who remembers old FAF?

    It was chaotic and beautiful. Also got a nice dick pic, best part, mhm.
  13. Mayonnaise

    Who remembers old FAF?

    I miss the posts made on the last days of FAF1.0.
  14. Mayonnaise

    Why are you gay

    This is the correct answer.
  15. Mayonnaise


    Eww foreskin is gross :v I really miss mine ;_;
  16. Mayonnaise


  17. Mayonnaise

    California Drought, Dipshit Neighbor.

    Use his blood to water your plants next time.
  18. Mayonnaise


    I see no fat weiner there
  19. Mayonnaise

    How do you guys deal with stress? (Not necro'd)

    I grab a machete and just slash at the tall weeds. Keeps my mind off the stressful thoughts. When I'm really tired it's easy to fall asleep too. Playing games and doodling works as well.
  20. Mayonnaise

    Things that we miss

    I'm starting to miss the forums pre habnabit the great necromancing beagle.