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  1. codewolf

    FA/IMVU Discussion

    I agreee, however some information is required with regards to the rights of the artists and their art, there have been a few posts on 'neers journal that have not filled a lot of people with confidence, even if its a 'yes, this is correct' or 'no, its a rumour'.
  2. codewolf

    FA/IMVU Discussion

    Which is exactly why i want dragoneer or IMVU to verify what is posted
  3. codewolf

    FA/IMVU Discussion

    Its been ages since i last posted on here...anyhow Dragoneer, there are a lot of "rumours" flying around about that ""IMVU reserves the right to redistribute content that has been uploaded to FurAffinity...blah blah pg 9 terms of sale" is this true or just a rumour?
  4. codewolf

    Bug/Site Problem: Advertising Not Showing

    I believe tryst's main point is that being a convention we have a set time period for the advertisment to be effective and if the ad isnt showing we are quite possibly losing punters due to the lack of advertisment, its all fair and well saying we'll have the time left when the ads come back up...
  5. codewolf

    Hi....i'm old :D

    haha thanks everybody, as a matter fo fact i have applied for my old position back, and is it me or has this place has really turned into another *chan whilst i've been gone?
  6. codewolf

    Hi....i'm old :D

    Re: Hi....i'm o;d :D love you too biatch ;)
  7. codewolf

    Hi....i'm old :D

    well, life has been slightly better for me recently, so i thought why not waste some time and get back on the FA forums, Some of you already know me (a lot of the old trolls ;) ) and some of you dont, so for those that dont, I'm Codewolf, and if you're not careful i'll lock your posts (in-joke...
  8. codewolf

    Complete list of all conventions this year!

    Just an update for you from the rbw staff: RBW will be taking place between the 30th of October and the 1st of November in London, and registration opens 8PM (gmt) on the 11th April, so if you could please update us on your list ;) -Code
  9. codewolf

    Any cons in the south-west of england

    dunno about the south-west, however there is a con going on in london called RBW this year (november time) LINKAGE
  10. codewolf

    n00b from Southern AZ - Mouse Fur

    hey cheddar, welcome to the forums :) Tuscon is a nice place, bit dry for my liking though, is that really large hotel still there opposite the restaurant in the center of town?? i stayed there a few years back, i think i bought the british weather with me too when i did :P
  11. codewolf

    The 2nd Coming Of the Code

    Well people, its been nearly 3 months now since i last showed my muzzle around here, turns out that the company i went to work for were a load of (insert words here) and eventually screwed me over, which means now that i have more time on my hands to once again start visiting these hallowed...
  12. codewolf

    Codewolf Hangs Up his Cape....

    hey i'm not dissapearing alltogether guys, i just wont be around as much to fix you're mistakes :P i'll still be on IRC when i have the chance. and Foxxyfluff: definately...looking forward to the 28th
  13. codewolf

    Codewolf Hangs Up his Cape....

    Hey guys and girls, I am posting to let you guys know i will be resigning my moderator position due to work commitments taking up most of my time and with the next month or so being a very very busy time for for me. This Leaves (currently) The two Moderators Rhianor and Blade, and i want...
  14. codewolf

    And they said loldogs can't exist.

    no comment needed XD (its like christmas, birthday, and new year all rolled into one :D )
  15. codewolf

    You Just Lost the Game

    request happily fulfilled
  16. codewolf

    American Id more ol!

    well you're not really meant to post your journals here :P however, this is quite an interesting discussion and brings up the point of getting on tv for your 15 mins of fame, i mean if everyone is a celeb... then noone is :P
  17. codewolf

    In Soviet Russia...

    in soviet russia useless thread lock you
  18. codewolf

    Guess Who The Next Poster Is

    that is correct....there will be no next poster....
  19. codewolf

    Questions Only

    why do people keep creating crappy spam threads like this that i then have to lock???
  20. codewolf

    FOOD STUFFS - Baby Back Ribs

    well im sure livjournal would be better for posting your journals as..well thats what its for, if w had every user posting their journals on here it would be a nightmare so please dont :) -Code