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  1. Osiris the jackal

    I need some help...

    What's your character's description? I just do not understand what happened. Things were going so well between the artist and I but she sent me a strange message and was gone. I took this quote from the chat the other artist and I had. As for the ref, here is a verbal ref. Name: Osiris...
  2. Osiris the jackal

    I need some help...

    I am in need of some help, An artist on FA contacted me asking what I would trade for a tooney fursuit head I was selling. We agreed on a Ref sheet and three other pieces of my choosing. I commissioned the ref sheet first on may 5th with it needed to be done by the 2nd of july. Things were going...
  3. Osiris the jackal

    I need of one roomy for Ac 4th to 7th

    I got a room at the Omni for the 4th to the 7th, It is $250 for the whole con stay. The guest will get the bed, 3 of us in the room and I cook fresh breakfast every morning. I really need someone ASAP to fill the room. Thank you for your time.
  4. Osiris the jackal

    Would u live in a furry commune?

    Wasn't this thread made before?
  5. Osiris the jackal

    LOGO Network: WHAT?! i Think I'm an Animal

    Actually I don't have tits Toshabi, I simple love threads like this :V
  6. Osiris the jackal

    The "That Guy" Thread

    In high school I was the odd person that sat alone most of the time. I spent most of my time either writing poems or in the physics lab inventing and repairing things. I would wear my long coat nearly every day and carried several tools with me at all times to do my work. Sadly, a group of...
  7. Osiris the jackal

    LOGO Network: WHAT?! i Think I'm an Animal

    Lost in a sea of FA shit...
  8. Osiris the jackal

    Omni - One space available. Thursday through Sunday

    · I was able the get a room reserved with a Queen bed and requested a roll away bed as well, I have 1 spots open. · I will be charging $250 to cover your share of all 3 nights. · There will be only 3 people in the room in total. · Anyone who is a fursuiter...
  9. Osiris the jackal

    Its taking shape

    Its taking shape
  10. Osiris the jackal

    The Wisdom Thread

    A man is only as good as his word
  11. Osiris the jackal

    Roomie or two for Anthrocon 2013

    sorry, double post,
  12. Osiris the jackal

    Roomie or two for Anthrocon 2013

    Is there any room left? I am in need of a room and everything is full up. Please contact me.
  13. Osiris the jackal

    ITT: Bad Taxidermy

    HAHAHAHH!!!! This may be the greatest tread yet ! However I have seen fursuits the looked this bad, *shutters*
  14. Osiris the jackal

    What shall I do?

    Alright, I will go and speak to her through other means to get my point across. Hopefully things will change.
  15. Osiris the jackal

    What shall I do?

    I would post her to Artist's Beware, but with other clients she is very professional and gets everything done on time. It is just that she is doing this with me, and it make me feel very hurt as well as infuriated. I don't want to hurt anyone.
  16. Osiris the jackal

    What shall I do?

    I am not sure if this is the proper place for this thread, but since it is about art it seems appropriate. So here it goes. A while back I had commissioned some art by a local fur here in NJ. She is (was) a good friend of mine, but things change unfortunately. Anyway, I had paid her to do...
  17. Osiris the jackal


    Welcome to FA. Please enjoy your stay. Use it to relieve, The stress of everyday.
  18. Osiris the jackal

    Furs needed

    I am writing a furry world war two book and am in need of some characters. I will pick via what you can deliver. PM me your name for the story and some info on your character. The parts needed are for the stories main squad, radio operator, explosives expert/ bazooka and mortar operator, a...
  19. Osiris the jackal

    WIP Head, need some advice for his expression

    Start to fur it, http://www.matrices.net/furring.asp Once furred you can airbrush the expression. Either that or carve the expression into the foam and fur over it, it is whatever you prefer. Good luck, hope to see you at FWA.
  20. Osiris the jackal

    I have a dying mouse, like right now

    Sorry to hear it.