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  1. BioWulf

    Furries dating furries

    It's pretty much all I want in a person;)If they get to the point of loving me then I'd guess they had the same interests as me etc.But someone who loves you for who you are, that's best;)
  2. BioWulf

    Furries and asspats

    I reckon this site will teach a lot of people about reality xD Especially what to say, what to keep to yourself and the harshness of it as well.
  3. BioWulf

    Furries and asspats

    ^this! Im technically 16, but apparently I look and act mid-twenties;) I think it all depends on the maturity of the person in question.
  4. BioWulf

    Furries and asspats

    Damnit! i don't know what to do now ;)
  5. BioWulf

    Furries and asspats

    I would just like to verify that I am a nice person;)
  6. BioWulf

    Furries and asspats

    I will agree that at first it was a bit of a shock... Now though I'm used to it, but hopefully thin place won't change me....
  7. BioWulf

    Furries and asspats

    I'm pretty new here and let me tell you, I'd never try to use this place as a hug box... It's not exactly the most friendly place I've been -_-
  8. BioWulf


    I agree xD It was pretty interesting;)
  9. BioWulf


    Well that was interesting! XD
  10. BioWulf

    So, how was/is your first day of 2013?

    *hug* I know just how you feel... The amount of pets that have died in my family is really depressing:( But anyway, my first day was pretty boring. Had several naps, listened to lots of music cooked a chilli and watched a film.
  11. BioWulf

    Cooking Thread

    I cook loads of stuff! I find it a very enjoyable activity:)
  12. BioWulf

    Collar advice?

    Collar factory is a really good website:) Ive never used it but I know people who have:D
  13. BioWulf

    A furries wepon of choice

    A huge double handed broadsword, a massive shield and a long-range crossbow.
  14. BioWulf

    Furry Survey 2012? Yes!

    Dear lord that took a long time -_-
  15. BioWulf


    I had a single parent for the first 7 years of my life, in those years my mother encouraged my imagination in the only real thing that sparked it, animals. So she used to draw me as animals, had me draw people as other animals that I thought suited them, I used to dress up as animals or...
  16. BioWulf

    How did you discover your fursona?

    I've always felt a slight connection to a wolf and a lynx, fursona chosen right there. A lynx, not a wolf because in my opinion there are already a ton of them.
  17. BioWulf

    Does your fursona have ticklish feet/paws?

    Kinda..... But don't tickle him! D:
  18. BioWulf


    I agree with this! Ive seen so many people "come out" for absolutely pointless things :/ My parents know that I'm a furry, because I was basically brought up as one xD So yeah, "coming out" in my opinion is completely useless;)
  19. BioWulf

    Are You Procrastinating Right Now?

    Should be making a theme tune for a game I'm helping to work on... Procrastinating by hugging all of my cats and eating food:)
  20. BioWulf

    Furries dating furries

    I pretty much agree with this^ It all depends on the actual person, not just whether they are a furry or not. Other interests is a very important thing to keep on mind;) But as I said in one of my earlier posts, dating a furry would be pretty cool:)