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  1. Schecter

    Name a word

    Well when you say programming language, I assume you mean compiled/assembled languages only. Since personally programming lang. != scripting lang. Anyways, I'm proficient in C, C++, x86 Assembly, ARM Assembly, and Java. familiar with MIPS Assembly (from uni) As for scripting, I know Perl...
  2. Schecter

    What do you do for a living?

    I work part time as an undergrad student at the Institute for Cyber Security at the University of Texas San Antonio.
  3. Schecter

    Balancing School + Work?

    I have a 16 Hr semester with 20 Hr a week part time job. It works perfectly for me because I have classes mon-fri and then work on sat and sun. I work at a logistics warehouse for a grocery company, and they are super flexible with my hours because I'm a student. Anyways, that seems to be the...
  4. Schecter

    What are your Fall 2012 courses?

    Yay another UT fur!
  5. Schecter

    What are your Fall 2012 courses?

    So I'm guessing most furs are either a biology major (and affiliates) or a fine arts major. Heh go figure :P
  6. Schecter

    What are your Fall 2012 courses?

    I took anthropology instead of a foreign language for my "world affairs", which i only needed 3 credit hrs for.
  7. Schecter

    What are your Fall 2012 courses?

    I learned more Spanish taking the metro bus to HS for 4 years then i ever did in Spanish classes. lol
  8. Schecter

    What are your Fall 2012 courses?

    I'm just interested in what you college furs are going to be taking this next semester. Hopefully y'all can find some similarities amongst each other. I hope there are other CS majors :3 Format School: Major/Minor: Classes: University of Texas San Antonio Major -Computer Science with...
  9. Schecter

    LMAO @ Mountain Dew's internet poll debacle

    i would have named it the "Pussinator"
  10. Schecter

    Lucid Dreaming

    thats so sad. i wanna hug u :S
  11. Schecter

    What to do for my career & life

    I'm a CS major with a concentration to computer and information security (cyber security), so quite naturally, that is a field that is helping people. I chose this field for several reasons, 1 because I was an "ankle biter" (modest hacker) when I was in HS, so I decided to traverse the good...
  12. Schecter

    do you wear a collar, and why or why not?

    i have a little pet tag that i wear with a chain. thats the closest to a collar that i wear
  13. Schecter

    draw my robot buddy please

    Hello, i have an interesting request for all you artz peoples. I like to create flash applications for my FA, and i thought it would be a neat idea to have a little robot sidekick as the "host" to introduce users to these flash apps. By host, I mean the robot would explain to the users what the...
  14. Schecter

    Question for Android users

    Thanks for the info! So i guess I'm pretty safe with Samsung. And actually I can test on 3G, SMS, ect.; granted it won't actually work, but at least I can implement the code. The worse ill get is some exceptions thrown by the android os, which is ok. :D And no it's not going to be for tablets :(
  15. Schecter

    Question for Android users

    I'm currently developing an android app for one of my classes, and im pretty tired of using the lame android os emulator. So I'm probably going to get a cheap android phone from craigslist for all my testing. My question for people with android phones is, are you still able to access apps and...
  16. Schecter

    Free network monitoring software?

    i think belkin has bandwidth logs built into then, just access your routers admin settings. run ipconfig on the CMD to get the default gateway, i don't know what typically belkins are off the top of my head.
  17. Schecter

    Looking for lonely/depressed furs who need a friend!

    So are you a psychology major or something? I'm not trying to be belligerent, just curious.
  18. Schecter

    First OS you've ever used

    I haven't. But I remember having to blow into Nintendo cartridges and then pushing reset a dozen times for it to work, does that count?
  19. Schecter

    Commic style....ish i guess

    Yea so me and my buddy are afraid of cockroaches, so I wanted a two-pane, single sheet, commission of something very similar to this It doesnt have to be exactly identical, but it needs to portray the same actions and emotions. It will be two character (plus the roach does that count?), in...
  20. Schecter


    some of my friends call me "Jew Wolf", i guess its cuz im frugal or whatever, but i dont eat anything kosher O.O