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  1. Dragon-firy

    Does it feel bad when you cannot draw anything?

    It… sorta does. Happens a lot to me when dealing with insecurities that leads to a GIGANTIC art block. So, instead of practicing, I try to doodle some useless facts and found some that are actually worth drawing :3 Lately, when I feel an art block incoming due to my own incompetence (I’m a...
  2. Dragon-firy

    Sketchbook: Firy's artworks

    Practicing colors and lines with a monthly challenge :3
  3. Dragon-firy

    Sketchbook: Firy's artworks

    New exercise is up!
  4. Dragon-firy

    Hi! I'm new in the site. Can i have some advice?

    Hello :D I like the pose you have chosen, it's dynamic and portraits your character well ( I can see Megaman here :P which is a good reference); to add a little suggestion, try to simplify your artwork into basic forms and see how they interact together: they should help you gain confidence...
  5. Dragon-firy

    Sketchbook: Firy's artworks

    Finished my cat portrait :3 *yay* Say hello to Mia I wanted to refine her a bit more, but I ran out of time. x)
  6. Dragon-firy

    Sketchbook: Firy's artworks

    *Nervous inhale* (this post has been sitting for days) So.. Hey everyone! Guess what, I'm having the guts to finally publish some of my artworks, aimed to improve my skills, get advice (if you have any, of course :3) and in general work towards my goals to become a full time artist, making...
  7. Dragon-firy

    Desiging dragons

    Following Miss Nook's example (which I found to be inspiring <3), I'd add my two cents: You said you want a design for a dragon design that also needs a cover-up for them to hide from humans (Or, maybe hide with them? It's a long shot, I know, still worth exploring) For anyone who might be...
  8. Dragon-firy

    Yudran's artwork

    I'm in love with your concepts! :D Keep at it <3
  9. Dragon-firy

    You can see my arts there! | mostly feral animals, but anthro are possible

    Stunning! I'm in love with your sceneries :D plus the ferret is gorgeous!
  10. Dragon-firy

    What are your favorite kinds of posterior? Why?

    So many fluffy posteriors! *w* I'm a fan of fluffiness, and I'm approaching birbs
  11. Dragon-firy

    Give a different Fursona to the person above you

    MMmmhh.. A gold dust gecko! :D
  12. Dragon-firy

    Designing birb characters

    I don't know if you need anymore suggestions, but.. How about Vultures? Based on you sci-fi, a vulture's knowledge would be useful in forensic and anatomy studies of the creature. They're gregarious animals, so they may work well in a team of scientist, and their nature as carrion feeder could...
  13. Dragon-firy

    Hello, from a shy aspiring artist

    Thank you! <3
  14. Dragon-firy

    Hello, from a shy aspiring artist

    Greetings, everyone! I'm Dragonfiry, and I've been around here for years. I think around a decade or less. On my way to recover my old account (Forgot the password and the old email I used ), I've been a lurker and an aspiring artist for most of my life, even when I thought it was.. Too late, I...