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  1. Tattle


    @Peaches - you sing? nice! i do too. @Simo - rad, dude. i write and tell all sorts of tales. most of them involve space, all of them are fantasy/spooky. @Wither - thank. i like place. i will dominate place soon. @Sergei - GOOD. BE SCARED.
  2. Tattle


    thank you drayx and peaches! i'm an artist -- typically traditional, but i'm trying my hand at digital and animation. i'm also very passionate about films and video games. c:
  3. Tattle

    Favourite gamecube games?

    twilight princess, super mario sunshine and spyro.
  4. Tattle

    Who's your favorite furry youtuber?

    i don't completely agree with everything he says, but heyodamo is pretty entertaining with his snark and his... dragon....... ness....
  5. Tattle

    Fursuit maker wanted! [Cat partial]

    i will be turning the (not so) big 1-8 come the first of december and, not long after, i will be attending my first convention. i live on my own and i have a job now. i'm independent. i'm childish.. i mean, uh, wise. i can finally waste my money on a pile of foam and fur. but! there is a...
  6. Tattle


    thank ya!
  7. Tattle

    oh snap. hi! i didn't expect to find someone from my area so quickly.

    oh snap. hi! i didn't expect to find someone from my area so quickly.
  8. Tattle


    hi, i'm tattle. i'm n-- oh, what, you already know that i'm new? how'd you find out? is it because i'm posting in this board? aren't you smart. heugheugh, ok. in all seriousness. i am not only new to this forum but i am fairly new to being involved with the furry community. i have considered...
  9. Tattle


    hello! i'm new as well. welcome to the forum. ^^"