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  1. KittenCozy

    (New) New Furry Server on Discord!

    Sounds like fun, could you send me an invite?
  2. KittenCozy

    Ideal meal

    I've been messing around with making my own food since I live in an apartment at college. Currently, my favorite thing is couscous with: broccoli, carrots, snap peas, grape tomatoes, and red cabbage. Then I top it off with fresh squeezed lemon juice!
  3. KittenCozy

    Bad Habits

    I do something similar... either biting the inside of my cheek, my tongue, or just clenching my jaw unconsciously. It's really frustrating when I have to constantly check myself on my 'relaxed' state when it tends to cause headaches. >.<
  4. KittenCozy

    Anyone going to Furry Fiesta 2018?

    I'm considering going since I'm currently living in the area and I can save on hotel room prices (since I won't have to stay over). If I do decide on going, it would be my first furry con and I'm worried about being overwhelmed and not knowing anybody. ^^;
  5. KittenCozy

    Very Odd Whale Fursona

    Dude, I've never seen anyone with a whale fursona, that's totally original! Glad you found a good artist, there's plenty of good art to go around. ^w^
  6. KittenCozy

    hey :3

    psst, you don't gotta pay for photoshop. gimp is a completely free program that works on both PC/Mac and does virtually all the same things as photoshop
  7. KittenCozy

    What kind of person are you socially?

    I'm basically the definition of a wall flower -- I prefer to stay on the sidelines and only occasionally provide my opinions. My reasons are kind of convoluted but it basically boils down to social anxiety and thinking that no one wants to hear my opinions. Because of this anxiety, I put a lot...
  8. KittenCozy

    Uluri Here. Hello. I do the ARt.

    Yeah I think you're right about the connection between orange and construction. Besides that, I think orange and yellow are 'soft' in comparison to 'bold' colors like red, blue, black, green, so they're often forgotten.
  9. KittenCozy

    Hi there! Your icon is really cute, did you draw it yourself?

    Hi there! Your icon is really cute, did you draw it yourself?
  10. KittenCozy

    Feral Sketches

  11. KittenCozy

    Uluri Here. Hello. I do the ARt.

    Hello and thanks for the reintroduction! I'm not a chatty person either, but I like to think that I'm approachable. If you ever want to chat, feel free to send me a message! Also, I notice that your favorite color is orange -- just like mine! (For some reason, orange is not a popular color...)
  12. KittenCozy

    Feral Sketches

    Commissions still open, and still for the same stuff! You can drop me a note here or on my FA: Userpage of kittencozy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  13. KittenCozy

    Open Chat

    I just wanted to join Art fight but it looks like their site crashed. _( :"3」∠)_
  14. KittenCozy

    Open Chat

    Beep BOP boop BOP :D
  15. KittenCozy

    Manga recommendations

    I don't have any obscure recommendations, mostly because I prefer a well-established artist/series. That being said, I'm interested in the horror and shonen genres. Shonen: Full Metal Alchemist Boku no Hero Academia Hunter x Hunter Horror: anything by Ito Junji Emerging by Hokazono Masaya...
  16. KittenCozy

    Open Chat

    You don't like my 'beep boop?' Just your 'bop bop?' :-(
  17. KittenCozy


    Part of art, especially digital art, is doing it with a relaxed state of mind. If you make art while doubting and criticizing yourself, then you'll wind up frustrated and less motivated to try again. Maybe you could try making doodles as warm ups, so you can get past the perfectionist mindset...
  18. KittenCozy

    What RPG class best suits your fursona?

    I think Red Mage fits me/my fursona best. I have a hard time committing to ideas and tasks, so I jump all over the place. As a result, I wind up with an eclectic kind of knowledge.
  19. KittenCozy

    Open Chat

    beep boop
  20. KittenCozy

    Feral Sketches