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  1. Aryte

    Beastars Discussion Thread

    I enjoyed the manga all in all. I was pretty "boo" about the lack of Louis and and Juno, as it does not seem to fit the whole concept of Louis' growth. I can appreciate the very brief glimpses of potential happiness for him in the end with his wife, but it was disappointing. I am not saying "it...
  2. Aryte

    Your fictional character crush

    I have a shameless affinity for Melon from Beastars.
  3. Aryte

    What's the consensus on vr?

    I was extremely skeptical at first, but after being talked into giving it a try there is a lot of charm to it. I only really run about on Neos, but it has the same sort of charm as early Second Life. Fairly inviting, fun community with a lot of creativity. As far as gaming at large, I think the...
  4. Aryte

    Thank you for the welcome!

    Thank you for the welcome!
  5. Aryte

    Any tips for someone who doesn't have a lot of writing skills?

    I have always found reading to be the most inspirational way to sort of build on writing/role-play skills. Otherwise, practice and receive feedback with grace (but with measured skepticism; everyone has a style of their own). In the past, I would do prompt work. For example, let someone pick...
  6. Aryte

    Should transformations be painful?

    Speaking fantastically, bit of a personal preference. :) Speaking realistically, it probably would not feel very good.