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  1. PastelEthereal

    I needs name!

    Cahtiana, mable, kuro, V or vivi, splice
  2. PastelEthereal


  3. PastelEthereal

    Favorite food/restaurant you can't get anymore

    Home town buffet. They got shut down cause they didn't mean health standards so I guess it's a good thing of course but it was a huge ass place with literally every food and dessert you can think of, and you help yourself. It was the shit lmao
  4. PastelEthereal

    Do you plan on having kids at some point in your life?

    Honestly, it's really complicated. Like I don't want kids, haven't for the majority of my life. And I'm 20 too. Father always gave me that typical "make me a grandad" sentiment, same with my grandmother, but shes a asshole so. But yeah, the whole point of bearing a child is to give them this...
  5. PastelEthereal

    Do a furmeet in northeast ohio?

    Any of ya'll near cleveland and wanna do a meetup? We can arrange details and shit, go bowling or something, I don't know lmao
  6. PastelEthereal

    Anyone else had a super stuck up view of music as a kid?

    Title basically. As a child, I was raised on classic rock since that's all my parents ever listened too. On my own I found jazz and classical too. And they always said as I was raised new music was shit, new music was trash, this that and the other. Next thing you know, I'm thinking the same...
  7. PastelEthereal

    Members by Species

    Name- Clover Species- Baragur Cow
  8. PastelEthereal

    anyone here done fursuiting at cons under the influence?

    Honestly why even reply if it upsets you.. first off, even if something is looked down upon by the government doesn't mean its a automatic bad thing to do. The mentality that illegal=bad is what causes a stalemate in progress for whatever is being discussed. If you all like, I can provide...
  9. PastelEthereal

    anyone here done fursuiting at cons under the influence?

    Possible nsfw, tried seeing if its against the rules but couldn't find any. Anyways, me and my friend were talking about how itd be probably really easy to connect to your sona while under alcohol, shrooms, acid, etc. especially at a convention or something. I don't have a suit, so I thought...
  10. PastelEthereal

    Opinion on Yarn Tails?

    Man that sucks. Well I'm sure it looked really cool!
  11. PastelEthereal

    Opinion on Yarn Tails?

    I actually made a yarn tail for a friend last christmas. They can come out amazing if you do it right, but it's soooooo much work. Like it's not even hard at all, its very easy actually to make, but you gotta be willing to pour in all the time to bring out a good tail, you know? Like I rushed...
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  13. PastelEthereal

    What was your first anime?

    Mine was full metal alchemist due to seeing it on toonami as a kid, I loved the intro. Forgot about it till I was in middle school and saw the intro on youtube and I was like OH YEAH I KNOW THIS AHH and watched the whole thing, rest is history
  14. PastelEthereal

    Am I uncreative?

    I wouldnt say thats uncreative at all, when I was in the mlp fandom hardcore, my ponysona was literally a mirror version of myself, even looked like me. Even my fursona is very similar personality wise. The beauty of the fandom and sona's is you can go any direction you like with it. Be that it...
  15. PastelEthereal

    Looking to draw your characters! (STILL OPEN!)

    Omg of course! You can pm me if you want them doing anything specific, pose, etc (I love them btw they are a big floofer and i support them) I was hoping you could do one of Clover? Heres their thingo: ibb.co: received 985367198282525 EDIT: I have more of them on my FA account if you want more...
  16. PastelEthereal

    Looking to draw your characters! (STILL OPEN!)

    Im up to do a art trade if your still doing stuff and want too! Userpage of PastelEthereal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  17. PastelEthereal


  18. PastelEthereal

    Fursona Art Trade

    Anyone up for a art trade? Here's my art account so you can see my works: Userpage of PastelEthereal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Was hoping to get one of clover (the cow on there), and I'll do one in exchange and get a good shot of it!
  19. PastelEthereal

    Hawt Damn

    Hawt Damn