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  1. solluxledoge

    Free Sketches!

    You can do Sollux if you like. Just use my avatar and profile pics as refrence
  2. solluxledoge

    What's going on?

    Bruh it got rough in those 5 pages xD I just stopped reading after that
  3. solluxledoge

    What's going on?

    I've been noticing this too, the short time I've been here. Some people just won't stop, I've tried to calm people down on that darn prostitution page. They were like "we arnt insulting each other, we are keeping it civil", meanwhile I scroll up the page and discover that 3-4 pages have been...
  4. solluxledoge

    First Head Critique

    woah, this is your first?
  5. solluxledoge

    hello hello!

    Hiya! I'm Sollux, pleasure to meet ya!
  6. solluxledoge


    Your English is perfect, I didn't even notice until you said something!
  7. solluxledoge

    Free art VS Commission reputation

    I'm an abstract artist who has taken commissions before, so I can relate to this. Like you said, to receive commissions (from furries, works a bit different on how I get mine) you need that watcher/follower base. In order to commission, you need A TON of examples or previous works. I read an...
  8. solluxledoge

    Prostitution in the US.

    Pointing out flaws is bashing on others. Just cause they do it dosen't mean you should.
  9. solluxledoge

    Prostitution in the US.

    While some may have the ability to show restraint, almost none have demonstrated it. And stop bashing on others.
  10. solluxledoge

    Prostitution in the US.

    Finally, someone else understands.
  11. solluxledoge

    Prostitution in the US.

    When I mean insults, I mean being extremely rude also. But, if your cool with it, and everyone else is too, then fine.
  12. solluxledoge

    Prostitution in the US.

    That's why you want to become a politician. While this may be a good trait to have, just don't get cocky :P
  13. solluxledoge

    Prostitution in the US.

    I realize that, and I don't think you understand what I'm getting at. I'm all for a rational debate, but all you guys are doing is insluting each other at this point. That's where it crosses the line, this discussion does not need to go that far. I'm fine with the continuation of this...
  14. solluxledoge

    Prostitution in the US.

    I think everyone needs to calm down. That's everyone, not just Sylox. You guys are arguing over something that you can't fix right now, you are not in Congress. So why get so worked up about it? If you feel so stongly about this subject, then take action on your opinions. Write a petition and...
  15. solluxledoge

    Are you genetically superior?

    I'm immune to most poisonous plants (poison ivy + oak along with others), haven't gotten sick in 8 years, and I have a lower blood pressure than most.
  16. solluxledoge

    Critique wanted! about digital art

    I'm going to agree with you that the realism needs work. The key to that is attention to the tiny tiny details. I got a link around here somewhere... ah, here it is. https://instagram.com/p/xXoTUZvk2O/?taken-by=_ben.foster_ As you can see, I really took my time with the mountians. Like I said...
  17. solluxledoge

    Foxes in the Fandom

    Hi, I'm a wolf
  18. solluxledoge

    1K Posts and Still No Fursona

    Be a wuffy! Name him Yiffles.
  19. solluxledoge

    Eating Meat

    I think that the Anthros would eat the Ferals
  20. solluxledoge

    Hey there! What's up?

    Hey there! What's up?