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  1. bellugia

    Hiring: Ref Sheet Artists!

    I do reference sheets! Each fullbody on the sheet is is 25-30$ depending on design complexity, each headshot is 12$(Discounts available if multiple headshots are used to show expressions like in the first example) and a closeup of a body part or accessory is 5-10$ depending on complexity...
  2. bellugia

    Hiring: ($15+) Looking for Fullbody Anthro Reference[Closed]

    Hi! I would love to do this for 35$. Shoot me a message if you’re interested. My avian examples are a few years old so you can expect even better quality than these. I’ll drop some of my more recent canine/etc work for example. Thanks for considering me!
  3. bellugia

    Hiring: ($35+) Looking for anthro Avian art

    I could get a rendered fullbody with shading done for you this weekend, all for about 25-30$ depending on complexity. I will drop some of my avian art below; these are a few years old and I would love to have an opportunity to work with avians again! If you would like to see some of my more...
  4. bellugia

    Hiring: Commissions Buying ($100-250)

    I will leave some examples of my art style here ! I usually do ref sheets in the 60-80$ range if that is of any interest to you. PM me if interested! < 3
  5. bellugia

    Hiring: [Closed] Looking for artist to update my reference sheet. $0 - $20

    I’m very interested in lining your ref sheet ! In my full pieces I usually line quickly but I can show you a preview of how clean my straight lineart is if you shoot me a PM :>
  6. bellugia

    Hiring: First NSFW and SFW ref sheet (Closed)

    Hey! I’m willing to do the reference sheet at the lower end of your price range, likely around 60-70$! I also included an example of an icon. I have a variety of styles that I’ve been developing so let me know if you’re interested in working with me. Thanks!
  7. bellugia

    Hiring: nsfw [sketch-] artists who are okay with humanoid creatures and some weird sh*t? [5 to 500 usd]

    I am interested in working with you with my more sketchy style. PM me if you would like to see the NSFW/full quality versions of these and to discuss commissioning!
  8. bellugia

    Hiring: Looking for an artist to make a NSFW and SFW refsheet ($80 USD)

    Here are some examples of the ref sheets I do ! They are admittedly dated but I included some examples of my full bodies. I could do it for 60$, as that’s what I usually charge for these. hit me up if you’re interested !
  9. bellugia

    Cheap Commissions (5$ - 20$) - Open !

    New reference sheet example !
  10. bellugia

    Looking for lineart - Anthro character and small feral animal ($10 budget)

    Here are my examples - prices need to be updated so I'll tell you that I can do the lineart for 8.50$! forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - Cheap Commissions (5$ - 20$) - Open ! Good luck searching !
  11. bellugia

    First Time Character

    I could help you ! I can do you reference starting at 40$ / 50$, depending on how many views and add-ons. Here are some examples ! Let me know if I can do this project for you !! you can contact me by PM'ing me here or at my furaffinity @bellugia . have a nice day and best of luck with...
  12. bellugia

    Ref sheet for my jackal (closed)

    hello ! i could do this for you for about 30$-40$! here are some examples for you ~ let me know if you would like to work with me on this project ! you can message me on the forums or on my FA/DA accounts. i have alternate art examples on my furaffinity and deviantart accounts...
  13. bellugia

    Cheap Commissions (5$ - 20$) - Open !

    new couple art example !
  14. bellugia

    Commissioning artist to draw new ref sheet

    I could get your piece done in a week or so with a price of about 35-50 dollars depending on complexity and such ! These examples are slightly dated and my style has definitely gotten cleaner since these were made ~ let me know if my style would suit
  15. bellugia

    Cheap Commissions (5$ - 20$) - Open !

    new fullbody example ! (anthro)
  16. bellugia

    Looking for someone who can draw formal(ish) portraits ($30 budget) [CLOSED]

    that's good to hear ! best of luck with your search ^.^
  17. bellugia

    Looking for someone who can draw formal(ish) portraits ($30 budget) [CLOSED]

    Hello again ! I have done this same type of commission for you in the past and could help you out again for about 20-25$! My examples are here if you need a refresher <3 forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - Cheap Commissions (5$ - 20$) - Open !