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  1. Silver_fox1995

    New and stuff =^_^=

    hello welcome to fur affinity
  2. Silver_fox1995

    What possesses someone to do this?

    Bloody hell i live in essex i can't believe something this awful has happpened so close to where i live Makes you wonder.
  3. Silver_fox1995

    PS3 PSN Gamers

    my psn is Silver_Fox1995 ^_^ P.S my favourite game to play online are ace combat assault horizon, modern warfare 3, gran turismo 5, medal of honor, battlefield 3 also if you do add me plz state in the friend request that your from FAF because i don't accept random friend requests thank you
  4. Silver_fox1995

    Furs by College/University 2

    I'm going to SEEVIC college Benfleet campus in the UK
  5. Silver_fox1995

    i want to find local furries in southend-on-sea essex england

    i new to being a furry and i want to find any other furries to hang out with if there are any furries in southend can you plz contact me thanks i am a lonley furry:(
  6. Silver_fox1995

    konnichiwa i new

  7. Silver_fox1995

    konnichiwa i new

  8. Silver_fox1995

    konnichiwa i new

    hello i am new to fur afiinity and is looking for friends
  9. Silver_fox1995

    konnichiwa i new

    hello i am new furry looking for furry friends