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  1. Kay_Zen

    Hiring: (Closed)New ref sheet for an older character. $50-$70 USD

    I'm going to lock it already. I've been meaning to commission Sushy for a long time, and I keep putting it off for no good reasons. Sushy, you've got the commission.
  2. Kay_Zen

    Hiring: (Closed)New ref sheet for an older character. $50-$70 USD

    Important thing I forgot to add. I can't do Boosty. I've tried to many times to get it to work, and I refuse to try it anymore. If you have something like Kofi, or Buymeacoffee, or some other site like that, I can get those to work. And before anyone tries to send me a "Oh, just follow these...
  3. Kay_Zen

    Hiring: (Closed)New ref sheet for an older character. $50-$70 USD

    I purchased an adopt a long time ago, and I'm wanting to get a new ref sheet done for the character, now that they've become a larger part of my personal hobbies. I am looking for a SFW and NSFW version. I'll be able to provide the old reference, as well as some other pieces of artwork that...
  4. Kay_Zen

    (Commission) Selling: SFW and NSFW - all is welcome commissions

    Likri worked on the PNG images for my Twitch channel, to help me get started. Their quality was fantastic, they worked at a quick pace, and the price they gave me was more than fair. I'm super happy with their work, and talking to them as we worked out the details was a pleasure. I can't...
  5. Kay_Zen

    Hiring: Two png images for streaming purposes

    Hey everyone, the artist for this has been hired, and about to be payed. Thanks to everyone who showed interest, If I didn't get a chance to talk to you directly, I'm sorry, my time was short, I could only respond to a few. Glad to have met each of you, and wish you all successful commissions in...
  6. Kay_Zen

    Hiring: Two png images for streaming purposes

    I'll be making a final decision on Monday.
  7. Kay_Zen

    Hiring: Two png images for streaming purposes

    After some major deliberation, and getting advice from some others, I've decided to start streaming as a png tuber, to see if I enjoy it, and maybe move to vtubing later on. I'll be quick and simple this time around, I'm looking for price checks on two similar png images, one of my character's...
  8. Kay_Zen

    Hiring: Anyone with vtuber rigging knowledge/price checking.

    Good point. I'm hoping to eventually get a 3d model, but right now, I'm not wanting to dump to much money, without knowing if I'll actually enjoy the vtube lifestyle, so 2d is probably the best option. I don't really know anything about the different software that can be used, so I'm not...
  9. Kay_Zen

    Hiring: Anyone with vtuber rigging knowledge/price checking.

    tl:dr looking for anyone with vtube experience who can help me learn/help me get started, and looking for riggers to make a model. Hi everyone, been a while since my last posts on here. As the topic says, I'm looking for people with rigging experience, knowledge, ect. I'm toying with the idea...
  10. Kay_Zen

    Hiring: Ref Artist, hopefully for multiple characters.

    Whoa, sorry everyone, I wasn't getting notifications that people where still posting here. If I'm only getting to you now, after a lengthy time, I apologize. The artwork for Kay's ref sheet is done now, so this particular ad is closed, but I'm still going to check out each of you and your...
  11. Kay_Zen

    Furry Tabletop RPGS

    Agreed, the focus on sex was a big hinderance to finding groups to play with, (Which is why I never got to play it) but I did think there was some decent points in the system, things that someone doing a full homebrew system could cherry pick to use in their own ways. I've also seen the ad...
  12. Kay_Zen

    Furry Tabletop RPGS

    I know of another, Heart and Fur, or something like that. They made their 'own system', which reminds me of Vampire: The Masquerade's tabletop. I never got a chance to play it, but from what I saw, it had a lot more focus on Roleplay, rather than combat, and it seemed to have a much larger...
  13. Kay_Zen

    hypothetical situation question between artist and commissioner

    I just looked it up, and from what I'm reading, you are exactly correct. Here is the most common thing I'm seeing, when it comes to US law. "Copyright, by default, goes to the original creator of a particular work. If you write a poem, create a drawing or record a song, you are the owner of its...
  14. Kay_Zen

    Discussion: How to present/sort your writing on FA

    Something you could attempt, for your first concern, is to break up your writing in such a way that nsfw parts are on their own section. Example as follows. You have a story plot where the focal character is infiltrating an enemy base, they run into someone willing to help them, but that leads...
  15. Kay_Zen

    hypothetical situation question between artist and commissioner

    As far as I'm aware, if the commissioner can prove that an exchange is made, receipt, money order, paypal archive, ext. the art then belongs to the commissioner. Even though it is created by the artist, it was done as a legal transaction, part of a job. I believe this differs slightly if the...
  16. Kay_Zen

    What Are You Listening To?

    Teeth, 5 Seconds of Summer
  17. Kay_Zen

    Opinions on remakes/reports

    Surely this has been done before, but I didn't see it with a quick search, and prefer not to bring back a dead thread. Topic says it all, what are your opinions on the current string of remakes and reports that are flying out of triple A companies lately? Love em? Hate em? Wish some would put...
  18. Kay_Zen

    Forum Where should I post this?

    Hey all, got a quick question on where I should post information about a world I'm working on. I'd originally planned on putting in the "Writing and Prose" section, but one of the rules on that says not to start new threads? "Do not start a new thread." located in the pinned guidelines thread...
  19. Kay_Zen

    When it comes to character design and setting

    For me, it's just my overactive brain. Once I get a character 'done' I continue developing other people to have interactions with that character, and those people need a home, that home has to have some rules, if there is one city, then there has to be more, and eventually, I'm sitting there...
  20. Kay_Zen

    Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    FF7 has a good story, but it's nowhere near the best FF game, and the only good thing about 10 was the music.