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  1. Arcgeist

    Hiring: Looking for couple icons - Up to $50

    Hey! :> I can make you a couple icon for 40$USD. More examples of my art are on my gallery: Artwork Gallery for Arcgeist -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  2. Arcgeist

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Marten-like creature adoptable auction! [SB at 30$, AB at 80$]

    I need a bust of money, so I'm selling this design I made. ♥️ Check the link of the submission for more details: www.furaffinity.net: ✨ Creature adoptable auction ✨ by Arcgeist
  3. Arcgeist

    Looking for art for my fursona (around 5-25 Euro)

    Hello! I can make a quick waist up colored sketch for 25$USD, or a full drawing headshot/bust~
  4. Arcgeist

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Pocky couple YCH (25$USD)

    First slot done The second slot has already been taken, I'm working on it. There's only one more available slot left~
  5. Arcgeist

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Pocky couple YCH (25$USD)

    I have got two more slots open for this one: -Full coloured digital drawing with two characters. -Price is 25$USD, paid upfront. -Payment through PayPal only! -Characters can be any gender, any species, and can vary in size. :) They're not necessarily same sized as the original composition...
  6. Arcgeist

    Hiring: Looking for an artist to help me with a new OC $25 - 70 (SFW)

    Hi, would love to work with a wyvern/dragon. ^^ I can make a custom design for around 50$USD, depending on what you want. I realize I haven't posted recent dragon/scalie/creature artworks at FA, but I got some tweets. ^^ My gallery:h //www.furaffinity.net/gallery/arcgeist/
  7. Arcgeist

    Hiring: I need Telegram stickers! Budget $50

    Hello! I can make a pack of 10 stickers for 50$USD. Or else, 30$USD for 5 stickers. If you want to add a character in any of the stickers that would raise a slight cost. :> An old example of my stickers: You can check more drawings in my gallery. ^^ Artwork Gallery for Arcgeist -- Fur...
  8. Arcgeist

    Hiring: First Art! $5-$50

    Hi, I would love to try it out. ^^ I can design a character for you as well as making a reference sheet for that budget, besides I love tigers and semirrealistic styles, altough I don't get to work with that as much as I would like to. You can check drawings in my gallery. ^^ Artwork Gallery...
  9. Arcgeist

    Hiring: Looking for a ref sheet $20 - $100

    Hello! I can do a basic reference sheet for 45$USD, SFW or NSFW. Front and back view, basic data, the colour pallete and three close ups/additional features. :> You can check my gallery for drawings, I would show you the references I've done but they're quite old and I do not like them. Artwork...
  10. Arcgeist

    Hiring: Looking for pro artist that will design my fursona. [50-150$]

    Hello, I'm not a professional neither too experienced, but I'll give it a shot just in case. ❤️ I generally aim to a semirrealistic style but I'm fine to switch into other styles. I see you're looking for a toony style; there's a lot of variation from there, so if you're interested and can...
  11. Arcgeist

    Five Headshots at 5$USD!

    Hello! Since I do have the need to get myself out there somewhat quick, I thought it would be good to look around here. I am taking five tradigital/pen headshots at 5$USD for now only. How would that look like more or less? Something like this: I am at the moment more active on DeviantART...