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  1. BigFuzzyBenji

    Any Colorado furs here?

    Colorado here! I'm not really in a position in life to meet up or anything, but I'm happy to chat here!
  2. BigFuzzyBenji

    What are you reading?

    Currently reading Star Wars: The Rising Storm. It's the third (fourth?) book in the newer High Republic series.
  3. BigFuzzyBenji

    Anthro vs Furry??

    I was a huge Sonic mark as a kid, from the very first release. As someone who considers themselves a huge fan, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Worth checking out for sure.
  4. BigFuzzyBenji

    clichés in movies you don't like

    Yeah, that's pretty much the only place I don't mind it lol. It can up the suspense. But in most settings it's just jarring.
  5. BigFuzzyBenji

    clichés in movies you don't like

    Maybe not so much of a cliche, but I can't stand how people in movies/shows don't greet each other hello/goodbye on phone calls (just hang up). Like...rude? lol
  6. BigFuzzyBenji

    Do you watch the Bad Batch?

    Personally, I enjoy it. I'm among those who really loved Clone Wars and Rebels, and so this just feels like getting an extra season.
  7. BigFuzzyBenji

    games to play when angry

    I used to use the Smackdown wrestling games. I'd create a wrestler of whoever (or sometimes whatever) was irking me, and then smash them with chairs, throw them through tables, etc. Good fun lol
  8. BigFuzzyBenji

    Have you ever eaten a military ration or an MRE?

    Yes, I've had a number of them. Most were fine...very bland, but fine. I had a couple that were just awful, and then one I can remember that was some kind of a pasta type dish, and it was really good.
  9. BigFuzzyBenji

    What are your preferred character builds and play styles? (For any game)

    Ranged, stealthy, light armor, quick/agile. It's funny, for years I thought I was so unique using a stealth archer on Skyrim, then a few years later saw just how memed it was lol
  10. BigFuzzyBenji

    So. . . Destiny 2 anyone?

    I've been playing a lot lately, but am not super familiar with the current exotics. I miss my Mida Multi-Tool being worth using! I have a character in all the classes, but mostly play my hunter-void (I'm a sucker for hoods and cloaks, what can I say?). My current favorite exotic (that I own or...
  11. BigFuzzyBenji

    What video game are you playing...

    Lately, just Destiny 2. I'm not like a huge Destiny player, but I was needing some sci-fi shooting action, and hadn't played with a buddy of mine in some time, so we've been playing.
  12. BigFuzzyBenji

    Anthro vs Furry??

    Sonic succeeded where it absolutely should not have. Part of that can be attributed to them listening to us fans, and correcting the character model. But a large part was that is was just a good old fashioned silly family movie. It had some deep parts, some comedy, some action, but never tried...
  13. BigFuzzyBenji

    Best video game music?

    Cyberpunk was so promising in so many areas, getting thisclose on a number of things. But you're right about the music, they pretty much nailed that.
  14. BigFuzzyBenji

    Anthro vs Furry??

    For myself personally, "Furry" is a word used to describe someone who meets one criterion; they either do or can, envision themselves as anthropomorphic animals. Those people for whom their Fursona is an extension of their personality, an avatar to represent themselves, or an idea of who they'd...
  15. BigFuzzyBenji

    Cuddle or bite the furry above you!

    Friendly nips!
  16. BigFuzzyBenji

    hi o/

    Hello hello! I'm new here myself, but welcome :) Big hugs if you want 'em!
  17. BigFuzzyBenji

    a newcomer joins the flock

    Well, that's really cool! What a rewarding experience that must be! I'm super new (a few days now) myself, but welcome! :)
  18. BigFuzzyBenji

    What are you proud of right now?

    I've stayed faithful to my exercise and calorie goals for three straight days and I had to extend my 2021 reading goal on Good Reads because I already finished it.
  19. BigFuzzyBenji

    Good SFW furry books thread

    Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'Brien https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mrs-frisby-and-the-rats-of-nimh-robert-c-obrien/1102021152?ean=9780689710681
  20. BigFuzzyBenji

    Better half of the lion king?

    That animation is just so gorgeous too, jeez. It's still breathtaking all these years later.