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  1. Pandox_Paradox

    Count to 1,000!

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    Word association

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    My grandpa and I back in the 90s riding one of our horses somewhere in central Texas.
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    Word association

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    Word association

  6. Pandox_Paradox

    Compliment the person above you!

    I've always loved your avatar. It's so cute!!!
  7. Pandox_Paradox

    Open Chat

    Home Alone Day #2: Currently watching fail videos on Youtube, browsing FAF, while being surrounded by snacks, drinks, and my cat named Joe.
  8. Pandox_Paradox

    What's your job?

    Found a job, starting Monday: I'm a jewelry consultant who knows nothing about jewelry.
  9. Pandox_Paradox

    What Are You Scared of?

    After years getting to know someone, spending precious time and money on them, having countless hours of conversation talking about the future; then them deciding they're no longer interested and breaking off the relationship. I'm so ready to find someone who wants what I want: To find someone...
  10. Pandox_Paradox

    Open Chat

    Doing alright. Got the house to myself since my SO is away on a camping trip with his future brother-in-law and his friends; so I spent my morning sleeping in until 10 am. I usually get up at 5:30 am, so this was definitely sleeping in for me. I got a call from the jewelry store saying I got the...
  11. Pandox_Paradox

    Word association

  12. Pandox_Paradox

    Open Chat

    Not looking forward to this thunderstorm tonight. I can see it over the horizon on my backyard deck. It looks like The Nothing from Neverending Story and the Mind Flayer storm from Stranger Things had a love child. Did I mention I absolutely hate thunderstorms? This should be fun :V
  13. Pandox_Paradox

    Done anything fun today? Or done something that made you feel good?

    It was my grandmother's birthday today, so I spent most of my day visiting her. Made her, her favorite cake from scratch (Lazy Daisy cake for those with sweet toothes lol), cleaned her house, then weeded her flower bed since she hasn't been able to for awhile. She rewarded me with a container of...
  14. Pandox_Paradox

    Word association

  15. Pandox_Paradox

    What is your 'weird' thing that you collect?

    Unique rocks I find on nature walks or hiking. When I get home, I write the date and location I found them along with a picture. I do it because when I stumble upon my collection, I'll be able to remember the places I've been to long after I've forgotten about them. I don't have the best memory...
  16. Pandox_Paradox

    Open Chat

    sjagkgakhdghajhskajhdkas Obviously, they're saying "She just ate good Kitkats, gigantic ass kettlecorn, hefty dadgum good ham, also Jimmy's honey-sweet Kix, and just had diced kale apple salad" I did my best damn it.
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  18. Pandox_Paradox

    Furry and Dating

    I've had an interesting hodge-podge mix in regards to the dating scene. But, it worked itself out in the end for the better. A few years back I was dating a "strict normie" if you'd like to call him that. We'd been together for three years already and I felt that it was time to come out as a...
  19. Pandox_Paradox


    I also cosplay in my spare time. I present to you D.Va from Overwatch. GG!
  20. Pandox_Paradox

    Open Chat

    Imma pop some tags~ Just got back from the Goodwill with some awesome finds. $150 mantel clock for $4, two super cute dresses, like-new high heels to match, fuzzy slippers that look like wolf paws, a brand new shoulder/back massager, a few adorable coffee mugs, and one giant MEGArita glass...