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  1. PurryFurry

    Looking for critique!

    I'd say mix up the backgrounds. Make it fit the character/piece. You don't have to just stick to scenes of 'reality' either- make up a magical place for your characters to hang out in or just do something abstract.
  2. PurryFurry

    Working on Multiple projects?

    I typically multitask. Right now especially, because I have 3 large paid projects. How do I deal? I ask myself 'how many hours would it take me to get some percentage of the first project done?', then alot that amount of time PLUS some extra time for emergencies/weekend fun/brain...
  3. PurryFurry

    Looking for critique!

    One thing you could do is to add more artwork that has shadows, interesting lighting, and backgrounds. People like to see polished 'finished' looking stuff. Even perfect sketches don't get the view numbers that things with full color and backgrounds do. Just my 2 cents.
  4. PurryFurry

    What age counts as being old?

    I put 70s because I see people in their 50s/60s at work and they're still doing stuff, not just sitting around. I think it's mostly attitude too though, because I have a few co-workers in their 30s who routinely call themselves old and choose not to have fun because of it.
  5. PurryFurry

    Setting Deadlines For Yourself

    I set deadlines for commissions and always meet those. After all, I have to keep my reputation up and be fair to people who pay me. I set other deadlines and sometimes meet them, sometimes don't. If I don't, I work at getting stuff done as soon as I can while still keeping my mental health...
  6. PurryFurry

    What's your Job/Career or future Job/Career plans?

    I get the impression that most people here are students, but even then I'm curious how diverse the career paths of furries might be. So what do you do? If you are in school, what's your major or future career plans? If you're not in school, what do you do? Me personally, I'm in the...
  7. PurryFurry

    Sylox's Sketchbook

    Yeah, get used to the tablet- they are awesome :D Also, here's a tip: to get rid of those super skinny white lines that show up when you color, don't use the paint bucket tool- instead, make another layer and put your colors there. (Not sure if you can do this in Inkskape but you can in most...
  8. PurryFurry

    How many countries have you visited?

    Canada, US, Belize, Guatemala, Ireland, England, Germany, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Italy, India. I might have driven through Luxembourg and used an airport in the Netherlands, but I don't remember I was young. I love exploring! If you want to hire me to travel and...
  9. PurryFurry

    What kind of furry are you?

    I draw stuff, post on this board, and learn from/admire other artists. That's about it. Maybe I'll go to a con in the future.
  10. PurryFurry

    Shout out from an Oregonian Fennec Fox! :D

    Hi! Your drawings are cute :D
  11. PurryFurry


    Hello! :D
  12. PurryFurry

    How do you handle constructive criticism?

    If you ask for it, people are going to point out things they don't like in your art and link you to artists they like better than you. Although it can be jarring, remember they are saying it to help you, not hurt you. Have you ever heard that phrase that goes something like "a chain is only as...
  13. PurryFurry

    "Athletic Furries": an Oxymoron?

    I workout almost every day for at least an hour. Plus my job requires outdoors work some days each week. I vary up the activities a lot- anything from mountain biking, crossfit, swimming, yoga, rock climbing, martial arts, or whatever else nearby has a good Groupon lol.
  14. PurryFurry

    Megaplex 2015

    To anyone who has been before- how does Megaplex compare with the other big cons? In things like size or activities?
  15. PurryFurry

    Do you tend to use the same username for everything?

    I don't and wouldn't want to use 'PurryFurry' for things like job applications, bank accounts, or anything related to work. Only for FA and it's forums.
  16. PurryFurry

    A Ref Sheet with a difference! (Price Negotiable!)

    Hi. I'd be willing to do a ref sheet for you. My ref sheets start at $25 and go up. I charge by the pose (more details here- commission info). Below is an example of a flat colored ref sheet I've done. Message me here or on FA if you're interested. Thanks for looking :)
  17. PurryFurry

    Red's Derned WIPs and Sketches

    It happens. I have a bunch of half finished stuff too.
  18. PurryFurry

    What's your dream job?

    I'd have a big pot of money and I'd live off it and/or the interest. I'd have hobbies, travel a lot, and volunteer.
  19. PurryFurry

    When sketching, do you use a tablet, or pencil/paper?

    Both. But mostly my tablet. I had an animation professor who swore to us that sketching on paper was better, but I've found that I can do just as well with the tablet now after some practice.