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  1. Cassafrass

    Anyone Wanna Try Their Hand at Making me an Avatar?

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it - it's very pretty! But I must mention a few things... you don't have to fix them if you don't like, however. 1. Her tufts are pink not red. 2. Is there any way you could make her eyes look more... like they do on my ref? I hate to say this but she looks...
  2. Cassafrass

    Reference Sheet Request!

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could make a proper reference sheet of Kiara for me. I would greatly appreciate this! Here is the reference I have now - I suggest reading the description so you can get a clear picture of her true colors (as my scanner derped and made the colors look terrible)...
  3. Cassafrass

    need anatomy practise - half body/full body sketches and drawings

    Hi! You can try your hand at Kiara if you like. I suggest checking out the description though as the colors from my ref derped when my printer scanned it... hehe. Thanks so much! :3 (you can do whatever you feel like with it, although I'd be honored to have a full color drawing). :)...
  4. Cassafrass

    Doing some super quick freebie doodles

    Hi! I'm not sure if I'm too late, but you can try your hand at drawing Kiara if you like! I just suggest you take a look at the description of the link - as my scanner derped with my references colors. XP Thanks so much! :D http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14124234/
  5. Cassafrass

    Anyone Wanna Try Their Hand at Making me an Avatar?

    Hi! I am looking for someone who would be so kind as to make an avatar of Kiara for me (for free as I'm broke DX) I don't mind how it comes out, although I would greatly prefer for it to be a cute pixel of her that is animated... like a close up of her face and her blinking with a smile on her...
  6. Cassafrass

    Refs Please?

    Thanks SO much for the offer - I would be ecstatic if you chose to do Kiara! If you have any questions (if you decide to do it) then feel free to let me know - although I highly suggest reading the description, as my printer really took a toll on my cruddy sheet. x3...
  7. Cassafrass

    Question on Micro/Macro Fursona Related Stuff...

    That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! Personally I never have liked macro stuff a whole lot... I definitely prefer micro furries cuz the are so tiny and cute~ But that last part is true... not that I'm a part of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WXiefPif7g If you are referring to what I...
  8. Cassafrass

    Question on Micro/Macro Fursona Related Stuff...

    Oh my god I posted the wrong link... so sorry! XD Anyways, thanks for the answers... I definitely was just overthinking it. I have decided to make her be able to do so. Thanks! :3
  9. Cassafrass

    Is Your Fursona a Shapeshifter?

    Hi! I'm creating this thread as I'm curious about how many fursonas out there are shapeshifters. I'm debating whether to make Kiara one or not, so I figured I would post this to see what results are up to help me decide. I honestly have no idea how this is gonna turn out. XD So... vote away, and...
  10. Cassafrass

    Fursona Dilemma- Critique My Fursona Please

    Wow, I love your fursona's design! Dragons rock. <3 Reminds me a bit of a Noivern too... Anyways, I agree with both of the latter poster's answers. Just go with your gut - I personally went with my favorite colors for Kiara's design, but I also feel that the cool colors reflect my personality...
  11. Cassafrass

    What Is It About being A Furry? Why Does it Attract you??

    I am part of the fandom because of the community... along with the wonderful fan creations. I have always loved writing, drawing, and the like and... well, this fandom has it all. The community, for the most part, is very warm and welcoming which I also enjoy. I personally am not a fan of all...
  12. Cassafrass

    True Tail Animated Trailer

    IMO it looks OK... so far. I might watch it though! Voice acting and such is pretty good, and the visuals are unique. :)
  13. Cassafrass

    Rate My Fursonas Please? (Pokesona, Fursona, etc). :3

    Hai. :3 Sorry to spam with another one of these topics... but I have a bunch of new fursonas to show! Well, revamped version of Kiara along with some other 'sonas at least. I will take any and all advice, good or bad. ^^ Thank you! :3 (you don't have to review all of them, but I'd appreciate it...
  14. Cassafrass

    I CAN ADD YOU ON SKYPE!!! Just give me your username. Mine is Cassafrass1999. :3 I'm sorry I...

    I CAN ADD YOU ON SKYPE!!! Just give me your username. Mine is Cassafrass1999. :3 I'm sorry I don't come on a whole lot. :/ I come on when I can, but I'm MUCH easier to find on Chicken Smoothie at the moment (it's a pet adoptables site with a huge forum x3) I'm Cassafrass on there too. :P Oh...
  15. Cassafrass

    Is My Fursona an Eastern or Sergal Dragon?

    Thank you for the replies (funny and serious) alike. XD I'm so relieved to hear she's not a sergal... x_x lol
  16. Cassafrass

    Should I Give My Fursona Wings or Let Her Use Magic to Fly?

    Haha,indeed. XD Well, again I gave her no wings - but the power to use "magic" and to have the wind help her fly (as most eastern dragons seem to do). :)
  17. Cassafrass

    Should I Give My Fursona Wings or Let Her Use Magic to Fly?

    Thank you for the help - I decided to make it a no on the wings. Hehe. :3
  18. Cassafrass

    About Shape-Shifting Fursonas...

    Thanks for the help you two! I may make it so my fursona can transform into a dinosaur - maybe. Still debating about it... hehe. But thank you! :)
  19. Cassafrass

    Review My Fursona... Please? :3

    Thanks so much for the honest replies (and sorry for my late one DX). Yup, I got rid of the red - didn't feel too "me". Tomorrow I may update her reference sheet once again... by making a whole new one. This one is nice, but I really wanna make her longer... she seems to short to me at the...
  20. Cassafrass

    How Did You Choose Your Fursona?

    Aw thank you! *blushes* :3 I'm so happy to hear that you like her. :D Now to go update my avatar... hehe. x3 Again, keep your stories coming! They are so interesting to hear. :D Scarlet has now changed once again, however - to Kiara! :D *dun dun dun* I am now in love with her just like this...