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  1. BlitheDragon

    Cartoon pet tribute

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'd love to work with you on commemorating your kitty. It's very sweet that you want to do something in their memory. I could do something in my style for around £20 Dropbox - cat.png
  2. BlitheDragon

    Site status closed?

    I wonder how long 'a while' is? :T
  3. BlitheDragon

    Site status closed?

    May the submissions be ever in your favor!
  4. BlitheDragon

    Site status closed?

    That is eerily accurate. O - O
  5. BlitheDragon

    Site status closed?

    Thank you so much! I had noticed the speed but I sure wasn't going to complain. I'm happy to have the site back up.. well, in theory! ^-^
  6. BlitheDragon

    Site status closed?

    Ha ha, that was short lived! Was it flooded? It seemed that there was only 8k or so online. Maybe they're still working...
  7. BlitheDragon

    Site status closed?

    Yes, that makes me feel a whole lot better. = u =
  8. BlitheDragon

    Bug/Site Problem: Blank Pages

    Seems like they're working hard- hopefully the site will be up again tonight as projected.
  9. BlitheDragon

    Site Status [12/15/2013]

    Not that I wouldn't love for the site to be up and running or at least an update, it's only 11pm for me. I'm being cautiously (albeit somewhat foolishly) optimistic!
  10. BlitheDragon

    Site Status [12/12/2013]

    How long has the site been down for now? I have a terrible sense of time...
  11. BlitheDragon

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    Don't worry- you wouldn't be the first. XD
  12. BlitheDragon

    How did you come up with your furry name?

    My username is BlitheDragon and Blithe means Happy. My sona's name is Jovi short for jovial, another word for happy. :3
  13. BlitheDragon

    Site Status, What's Going On and an Apology

    I have to say, I'd like an update as well. I think 24 hours is a more than reasonable time to wait for another update.
  14. BlitheDragon


    Hi there! I don't know if I'm the person to welcome you tho, as I'm very new to the Forum side myself! Huzzah fellow newbie! :D