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    Valid FA usernames

    Which characters are valid in an FA username? Are there any additional constraints for the first character? I'm asking because I noticed that FA usernames can contain tildes: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/~popcornpanic~ But the tilde is also a search operator on FA: Word proximity searching...
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    FA search: new options

    Currently, the FA search only lets you search by keywords: http://www.furaffinity.net/search/ Often, I find drawings on image boards that I suspect are from FA, but there's no source. Finding these drawings on FA can be tedious or impossible. Here's a few suggestions that would make this...
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    What's the deal with this website? http://www.furaffinityapi.net/ > Fur Affinity API is not affiliated with or endorsed by Fur Affinity LLC. All usage of Fur Affinity API must abide by the Fur Affinity Terms of Service. If it's not affiliated with FA...
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    Suggestions for the "Send Note" feature: - Every image in an artist's gallery has a "Send Note" link below it. It'd be nice if clicking on such a link automatically copied the image's title to the "Subject" field of the newly created note. - It'd be great if you could preview notes. - If you...
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    Romance novels with were-creatures (but no vampires)

    Isn't that a feminist book, like the Chanur series? (women are tough and dominant, men are evil and/or weak)
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    Romance novels with were-creatures (but no vampires)

    Let me see... > Do you want it to be m/f or m/m? I'd like it to be m/f, but f/f is OK, too. > Do you want explicit steamy sex or not so much? What I want is a novel written specifically for women. I guess that means not so much sex. > Do you want BDSM-flavor? (That's particularly common in...
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    How to get popular on FA?

    Gay porn.
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    Romance novels with were-creatures (but no vampires)

    I've never read a romance novel before. Now I want to read one. I don't think I could read a regular romance novel, but if it contains were-creatures, I just might be able to. Can you recommend one? But no vampires, please, because I don't like them very much (undead, yuck).
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    Aspergers (NOT Assburgers)

    Aren't all bisexuals "self-diagnosed"? Put another way, since when do you need someone else to say who you're attracted to?
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    Aspergers (NOT Assburgers)

    I hope they invent a genetic test or some kind of brainscan for Asperger's, so we won't have to rely on shrinks anymore.
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    It won't be perfect, but it's still better than not having that feature at all. IMHO.
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    About the search function: It'd be great if you could specify image dimensions. DeviantArt and Google's advanced image search let you do this. Reason: Suppose you have a drawing, and you're looking for the artist. You suspect that they, and the drawing, are somewhere on FurAffinity. Searching...
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    Hypothetical read. (long) What would you do? [Aimed at Americans]

    If some Evil Foreign Power (e.g. Poland) invaded my beloved fatherland, I'd hook up with The Resistance™​ and become a suicide bomber. Take a few of the bastards with me. And if The Resistance™​ didn't want me, I'd collaborate with the EFP.
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    Share your experience of being bullied.

    Are you two in a BDSM relationship?
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    Share your experience of being bullied.

    @ all bullies and ex-bullies: Are you into BDSM? @ all BDSM enthusiasts: Are/were you bullies in school? (or kindergarten, even) Just curious.
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    Iron Sky Teasers!

    "This video may contain traces of Nazis and is therefore not available in your country"
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    Stupid things your teachers have told you

    And masturbation is self-rape! (sorry, couldn't resist)
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    Future First-Person Shooter

    What Cstrike will look like a few years from now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyCyzB0CedM
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    Stupid things your teachers have told you

    I don't remember how the subject of launching nuclear waste into the sun came up in English class, but the (female) English teacher told us that it'd be a bad idea, because the resulting explosion would "knock some of the planets out of orbit". A (male) science teacher, when asked why some...