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  1. Webcatie07

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Commissions Open! ($10-20)

    Hello! My commissions are open! You can find more of my art on Instagram at lights.shadow. If you're interested, message/comment on here or Instagram. Examples: (Characters in first image belong to zamoorex on instagram, character in second image belongs to ProtoSykeLegacy on...
  2. Webcatie07

    Is anyone familiar with mouth/diaphragm calls?

    Thanks for responding after this much time! I've been looking around at hunting calls and I've tried turkey calls but they're way too loud and don't make many noises that aren't terrible. I may try to make my own, but I worry that I won't be able to get a sound that isn't obnoxious or bird like...
  3. Webcatie07

    Is anyone familiar with mouth/diaphragm calls?

    Hey guys! I'm currently making progress on a fursuit of a dragon like character. I'd like to be able to vocalize and I think a mouth call would be good, but I don't want bird or squeaker sounds. The character is semi- creepy looking and sounding like telephone wouldn't really fit well. I don't...
  4. Webcatie07

    Extra limbs on a fursuit?

    And I'll definitely go with fishing line, again, thanks for the advice! I forgot to ask in the main post if anyone had ideas on how to attach the limbs to the body, do I just sew them into the bodysuit, or is there a better route? I worry they'll wrinkle and stretch the fur if I just do it like...
  5. Webcatie07

    Extra limbs on a fursuit?

    Actually, that polyfil/foam sculpt combo seems like a really great idea. I'll probably do that. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Webcatie07

    Opinions On Fursuits

    I own a fursuit, and I love wearing it! It's a whole lot of fun to interact with people both within and outside of the fandom and make people smile. I also love the acting aspect, I'm a huge fan of theater and often participate in plays and stuff, and fursuiting often feels like improv, its...
  7. Webcatie07

    Extra limbs on a fursuit?

    Ok, so I'm working on a cosplay fursuit of sorts for a character ( http://www.last-halloween.com/posts/79 it's the only thing with fur on that page) and it has eight legs in total. I'm already going to have to sacrifice length on the character and have it on two legs for the sake of...
  8. Webcatie07

    My first short story

    Glad I could help!
  9. Webcatie07

    Looking for someone to design a fursona!

    Do you have a design at all in mind for her? Colors? Pattern? It will be hard for an artist to do something for you if they don't know what you want! But anyway, good luck! :)
  10. Webcatie07

    My first short story

    I'm back! For some reason your stories hold a particular interest for me. :) That was an interesting story. The only thing I can say, (and trust me, I'm racking my brain) is that there are a few spots that could use commas where there would be a pause in speech.
  11. Webcatie07

    Roarik by Me

    You're welcome! Most stories don't keep my interest, but this one easily did. I enjoyed reading it!
  12. Webcatie07

    Roarik by Me

    Overall, it was a good story that I enjoyed reading. For me, when you were doing the conversation between the two characters it got a bit confusing. Also, when Roarik says "they comfort me alright." I can't tell how he's using alright, if that makes any sense.
  13. Webcatie07

    Free Drawing

    If you wanted, you could do Ruka! She is a winged cheetah. Hattiette was kind enough to do this for me: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13745005/ And I should be able to get an anthro one by lionhart up soon
  14. Webcatie07

    need anatomy practise - half body/full body sketches and drawings

    Wow! Thank you! Sorry about the links.
  15. Webcatie07

    need anatomy practise - half body/full body sketches and drawings

    Ooh, your art is so pretty! :) I have Ruka, a winged cheetah. She is white with the "spotless" pattern seen here: http://www.zverce.si/zlati-gepardHer wings look like a swift's (bird) and she has horns similar to this: http://animal-backgrounds.com/gazell...wallpaper.html Here is a drawing that...
  16. Webcatie07

    Clothing and accessories with anthros and non-anthros?

    I don't have a world or specific idea, but my characters & drawings typically don't wear clothing. I don't however imagine, or draw NSFW bits on them. So, I guess I'm unrealistic, but hey, these are anthropomorphic animals we're talking about here!
  17. Webcatie07

    Squeak Squeak!

    What about a dog whistle? Not the ones that aren't audible to people obviously. I don't have any experience in this, so this is just a suggestion.
  18. Webcatie07

    Journall Thread (Lots of Stories, Take your Pick!)

    Please tell me if I'm not allowed to do this. I recently posted one of my stories on here and got a lot of helpful and encouraging feedback! I was thinking about other works of mine, and realized that I already had a couple of things I would be interested in having critiqued, and was planning on...
  19. Webcatie07

    Critiques Please!

    Thank you for taking the time to write this! I definitely need to fix all of the commas! I think in the story I said that in the lab he was reading a piece of paper. I didn't give the name until the end to try to symbolize him regaining sanity.