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  1. LecherySweet

    What got you to join the fandom?

    So what got you to be a furry? Was it a TV show? video game? random art work you saw online?
  2. LecherySweet

    When should one start a Patreon

    Hey everyone. I was wondering when should starting a patreon come into question? How big of a follow should you have before starting one? I have about 100 followers all together for example. Is that too small, or should I go ahead and think about launching one?
  3. LecherySweet

    Drawing of Tawna Bandicoot

    Feel free to tell me what you think. The art as mentioned
  4. LecherySweet

    I'm afraid to start drawing...

    There’s a saying about failing fast or something like that. The only way to approve is to accept and learn from short comings of the past. It’s the best way to getting better at art. But most of all remember to relax and have fun and I’m sure you’ll make something you and others find enjoyable ^^
  5. LecherySweet

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you very much!
  6. LecherySweet

    Is it normal to get depressed after seeing well drawn art?

    Nah I get inspired!…am I weird 0.o
  7. LecherySweet

    Any tips on getting noticed on the main site?

    Thanks for the advice
  8. LecherySweet

    Any tips on getting noticed on the main site?

    Hello, I’ve been active on FA for quite some time now although I don’t get as much traction as I do on other platforms. I was wondering am I doing something wrong? Should I just be more patient?
  9. LecherySweet

    Allow for me to introduce myself

    *gives you pats and tummy rubs*
  10. LecherySweet

    Allow for me to introduce myself

    Thank you very much I hope so too ^^
  11. LecherySweet

    Allow for me to introduce myself

    Thanks <3 ^^
  12. LecherySweet

    Allow for me to introduce myself

    Hello, so I’m pretty awkward when chatting with others. however I thought I’d go ahead and see if anyone wants to chat …possibly ? also just FYI I’m a nsfw Artist, just thought I’d point that out because some people don’t like talking to Artist I in my field…
  13. LecherySweet

    Poor social skills

    Hey fantastic Mr fox is one of my favorites too!
  14. LecherySweet

    My drawing of Amy Rose!

    so I decided to draw Amy from the sonic the hedgehog franchise! Let me know what you think down below. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47323881/
  15. LecherySweet

    Show me your art!

    Here’s some SFW art I made. Usually do NSFW stuff though. Just letting anyone know in case you wish to check out my FA page.
  16. LecherySweet

    Drawing of an OC of mine NSFW

    Here ya go https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46304402/ please feel free to leave a reply <3