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    Unwatch Journals

    I agree! Some people do post journals way too often (more often than they post art!!) It would be a nice option.
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    500 Internal Server Error [during submission upload]

    I've gotten the 500 error, 502 gateway error, XML error and page cannot be displayed messages. It doesn't happen here, just on the main site. I can't do anything without something kicking me off. Refreshing helps, but not always. Apparently, I'm not the only one having this problem...
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    the new banner for fa

    I personally don't like the banner (although I did like the little "milk and cookies, bitches", which they have since removed. I agree with buckywhitetale13. And besides...who would wanna punch out Santa...I mean it's freakin' Santa!
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    502 Bad Gateway error

    I get 500, 502, XML and page cannot be displayed errors when I am trying to access the site, answer messages, visit other people's pages, or when submitting. Getting extremely annoyed.....
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    sorta new but not really

    hehe, I've had an account on FA for the longest while now, and I'm only getting into the forum now. My bad. NEwayz, just thought I'd drop by here to say hello!!! Feel free to com visit my gallery if u like wolves, pandas, hyenas, TLK or Spirit. Sorry no yiff :oops: But just cuz I don't draw it...