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  1. Carnie


  2. Carnie

    I feel useless.

    Not every opportunity suggested in this thread is necessarily realistic for you, I'm sure, but the point they're getting at is right. Take some sort of action. You need a sense of change. Avoid letting things get stagnant. Set goals; self-improvement in any area will help. You're already on the...
  3. Carnie

    Why does five nights of Freddy have a furry following?

    Generally the r34 of it is stylized to the point that the characters don't look like automatons; or at least not scary ones. Most furries aren't actually attracted to the look of the characters in-game. But, as pastry pointed out, it was popular and had anthros. That's more than most people in...
  4. Carnie

    What is the stupidest idea that ever ran through your mind

    Religious ones seem to be up there for me, along with considering killing someone. "I'll be fine without studying!" has been one that I can't seem to throw off. It used to work, too!
  5. Carnie

    Well, I may be back. For a bit. Or something.

    Never knew ya myself, but welcome back regardless.
  6. Carnie


    Welcome, feel free to take time to get to know how things work around here and all that jazz; I'm sure you'll like it.
  7. Carnie

    Shark Attack!

    Can always use more classic rock fans around, welcome to the forums!
  8. Carnie

    Am I the youngest one on this site?

    Well then, that's certainly one of the more hostile ways to approach this thread.
  9. Carnie

    Dost thou even hoist?

    Dost thou even hoist?
  10. Carnie


  11. Carnie

    Eating a dried Ghost Chili Pepper....with HOT hot sauce

    Your faces in each thumbnail seem to sum everything up pretty well, haha. How you guys managed that, I have no idea. I tolerate spicy foods about as well as an infant.
  12. Carnie

    What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thread)

    Re: What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thr Celestia is teaching Twilight bad, bad things. That was too great though, I think I can die happy now.
  13. Carnie

    Forcible time travel

    I'd travel back in time just for the sake of seeing if I can hook up with Helen of Troy. Maybe try and pass myself off as a prophet or start a religion/other type of movement as well. Oh and the bf better be coming with me as well.
  14. Carnie


    I can't believe all the people taking this thread seriously. Hi five OP.
  15. Carnie

    Silly paranoias

    Does paranoia over relationships count? If so, yeah that tends to have happened quiiiite a bit in the past. Not to where I let it affect the relationship at all, but it certainly affects me. No matter how unreasonable it is I can never seem to shake it.
  16. Carnie

    post a track that pumps you the eff up!!

    In this case it was in reference to the intro of the song you posted being so ridiculously odd.
  17. Carnie

    post a track that pumps you the eff up!!

    What even. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2icdM9KuHU
  18. Carnie

    What was your sexual awakening?

    You guys have awesome memory, I can't even remember not knowing what sex was.
  19. Carnie

    Body mods?

    Thought about getting snakebites before, but I'm a bit more into the professional look now. Yup, I'm a square.
  20. Carnie

    Do female basement-dwellers exist?

    No. Seriously though, yes. There are even transgender basement dwellers. Big surprise eh?