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  1. Distorted

    What is your talent?

    I have powerful abilities of deception. Currently I have everyone I know under the delusion that I'm a good person. Fufufufufufu, the fools. I can also dance pretty well. My movements have attracted both men and women alike. You can't escape my allure.
  2. Distorted

    About Trump

    Watch that asshole try to put his name on the White House. I'm sure he's already got a spot picked out.
  3. Distorted

    About Trump

    I'm sorry. I'm hearing you, but I can't accept this man. You mark my words shit's gonna get worse. First ObamaCare's gonna go. Fuck that right, no affordable healthcare for the lessers. Then they're gonna give the fat cat corporates their tax cuts. It'll be up to the kindness of their hearts...
  4. Distorted

    Election day today!

    Jesus fucking Christ.... I actually forgot my anger for a second. That's pretty funny. We're still fucked though...
  5. Distorted

    About Trump

    And I bet your ass will go down next. You must feel so nice sitting in your little seat looking on safely. But we're all connected buddy. If we're gonna deal with this you're gonna feel it too. Oh cut the crap. All this stuff about crooked Hillary is pissing me off. She wasn't who I wanted...
  6. Distorted

    About Trump

    What the fuck is wrong with people? What's wrong with you? No one deserves this. This is just.........really gross and wrong. Not even talking about Trump for a second the sheer polarization of the country is just asinine. Honestly, I feel people simply voted to stick it to the other side. Not...
  7. Distorted

    Election day today!

    Watching this election feels like watching a scary movie. The kind where you're hoping for the best, but you know there's no real happy ending going to happen. I'm really biting my teeth, lol.
  8. Distorted

    Pokemon Sun and Moon

    I thought I was ready for this game. I messed up and looked at a lot of stuff from the leak. I haven't spoiled the story for myself, but my God is this game gonna be a doozy. I'm..............I'm not ready.
  9. Distorted

    Who is not a reddit user?

    How else am I gonna get my useless and esoteric news. Honestly though, I get downvoted all the time. I don't really care, a lot of people there are cancer. There are even racist subreddits. It's pretty wild.
  10. Distorted

    Pokemon Sun and Moon

  11. Distorted

    I Love Myself!

    Ok I'ma just lay it out there pineapplez... I won't pretend to know what alls goin on, but bear with me. You don't want help, fine. Don't accept it. But with that, you best be prepared to face down the Dark. Cause you might think you're in hell now, but it can get a lot worse. And before you...
  12. Distorted

    Have you seen anything spooky or unusual?

    When I was in the thick of my psychosis, I experienced a lot of strange and fearful things. When I was out on the campus green one day, I felt the world invert. I felt myself getting pulled upwards in the sky. Or rather I felt like I was slowly falling into the sky. I grabbed hold of some...
  13. Distorted

    The Pokemon Thread

    7/10 too much water lol But seriously, it looks cool so far. Never would of guessed the types of the legendaries either. Solgaleo's strong as hell one shotting a Salamence. The characters look cool, but I wonder what their personalities are like? And I have qualms about the pokedex. Mostly...
  14. Distorted

    You Are Special

    I'm special in some sense I suppose. I make an effort to not be noticed, but people seem to be drawn to me for some reason. They tell me I'm funny, smart, cool, talented. I don't really feel like any of those things, but people see something in me that I haven't ever known. I wish I could see...
  15. Distorted

    Girl lied to get out of giving me a ride

    You should reeealllly find some new friends.
  16. Distorted

    Another newb-based question: Drama?

    I avoid drama, but sometimes I like to sit from afar sipping on a cup of tea while I watch everyone else spill theirs.
  17. Distorted


    Yeah, I liked Kungfu Panda. I liked the first movie the most though. The animated series wasn't so bad either.
  18. Distorted


    I'm an avid gamer. Pretty much a Nintendo slave my whole life. The games I enjoy most right now are Dark Souls, Pokemon and Smash Bros. Especially Pokemon. I've gotten pretty good at it finally after 15 years lol. I also take martial arts. I took Taekwondo for a year, but didn't much care for...
  19. Distorted

    Have you ever met another furry in real life?

    I had a friend that introduced me to FA. He was.........interesting. Kinda corrupted me a bit. We haven't spoken in a while. He's a she now, and I hear different stories about her. I wouldn't know what to say after so long. I also see this guy at the local convention every year. We just say...
  20. Distorted

    [NSFW] A question

    I don't really know. Something happened when I was a kid. Freakin' cartoons man.