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  1. Enwon

    Opinions On Moral Relativism

    Except is logic what you used to arrive to the conclusion that one should not harm others? Think about it: you can't make morality on a completely rational basis because, at some point, you have to say, "This is what I feel to be right/wrong." Or else put faith in some kind of outside...
  2. Enwon

    How to get over depression?

    [/COLOR] [/COLOR]First off, how old are you? It might be relevant to how psychiatrists treat you, as well as the amount of control you have over your own diet and social life, two things that heavily influence your emotional state. Second, while I doubt these actions will entirely solve major...
  3. Enwon

    what is your favorite race?

    Well, this is a strange question being asked... what is my favorite group in an arbitrary social construct? I'd say my favorite race of people are internet trolls, but then they created this thread.
  4. Enwon

    Philosophy of the Mind

    I personally subscribe to the theory of neurons firing, although I will admit that it is an intuitively unattractive option, because if we have no souls and all we are is a series of chemical and electric reactions in an organ, then our deaths means the end of our existence and any experience...
  5. Enwon

    ...This is Racist?

    I don't see anything racist about that ad, but I do remember a controversy earlier this year where there was a huge racist reaction to it, from angry comments on the youtube video and such. It just seems like a cute commercial involving a family that just happens to be interracial.
  6. Enwon

    This will blow your MIND

    But those strollers look like good places to fold a child into... :V I don't know if "smarter" is the word I'd use... though I will agree that the incredibly stupid are incredibly baffling, and incredibly problematic for society (imagine a world where people didn't need ridiculous warning...
  7. Enwon

    Sure, go ahead.

    Sure, go ahead.
  8. Enwon

    Yeah, there's a few of us here and there. I've been invisible for awhile because I've been...

    Yeah, there's a few of us here and there. I've been invisible for awhile because I've been lurking up until a few days ago. But yeah... welcome to the Meerkat Club... where we do stuff. :V
  9. Enwon

    Egyptian Army ban-hammers Morsi

    I hope this ends well. A coup could lead to a military dictatorship or some other nondemocratic situation. Or even a civil war, with an authoritarian state up against rebels who will get most of their weapons and most dedicated soldiers from fundamentalist groups (a similar situation is...
  10. Enwon

    Selective Racism

    Except you don't really know what you're talking about. You talk a lot about political correctness and the idea of having to "kowtow to every PoC you see", and compare the linked blog to the Westboro Baptist Church, but I don't think it's quite accurate. Is the link heavily ideological, with...
  11. Enwon

    Why is animal cruelty treated so non-chalantly?

    First, as omnivores, a great proportion of the human population eats meat, which involves killing animals. However, an overwhelming majority of the human population does not eat other humans, as such an action would harm human reproductive fitness by reducing the amount of available mates, make...
  12. Enwon

    Selective Racism

    I've heard about the ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. But their ruling doesn't say anything about class. In fact, the only thing they ruled was that the case had to be sent back down to a lower court that ruled in favor of the University of Texas affirmative action program...
  13. Enwon

    Selective Racism

    The belief in colorblindness as an optimal strategy for race relations is definitely pervasive in American society. But it's actually a deeply flawed idea. Setting a "Year Zero" won't suddenly erase stereotype threat, implicit biases, or wealth disparity. Society isn't a social contract where...
  14. Enwon

    Selective Racism

    Actually, what Lobar is talking about is eliminating the present racial issues in America. 70% of Americans have an implicit anti-black bias, even though only 20% of Americans believe that they have a bias. This bias has been shown in many studies to be predictive of discriminatory behavior...
  15. Enwon

    Sorry Guys :(

    LegitWaterfall, I'm sure the members of FAF will forgive you for your transgressions- given that I personally don't even remember what they were. Something about some thread and some teenage drama? I do think I remember you posting at some point about entering high school soon. Which is why...
  16. Enwon

    Selective Racism

    Ahh... racist people. I knew so many people who enjoyed racist jokes a little too much back in high school. The worst was when two rednecks started talking loudly about how one of the three black people in my graduating class must love fried chicken at the graduation practice. And when the...
  17. Enwon

    What are the events in your life that shaped who you are today? (Or lack thereof)

    I grew up, at first in a major city in Texas, then in a much smaller city in Arizona. At home, everything was stable- two loving parents with a dad making six figures, two siblings who knew better than to get into trouble, expectations of good grades and college educations, and a nice house...
  18. Enwon

    If crime was legal

    I would hide, because the world would quickly descend into Hobbesian chaos- a war of every man against every man (and I guess women too, who would be raped in large numbers). Thing is, one has to imagine how horrifying this would be- with no laws against rape, many people would become victims...
  19. Enwon

    That One Beating...

    My parents never laid a finger on me, and when I acted up, they resorted to nonviolent means of punishment such as sending me to the laundry room for 30 minutes, or not letting me use my computer in more serious cases. Even then, I haven't been punished since I was 11 or 12. Instead, when my...
  20. Enwon

    Sexual attraction and the self.

    I don't think the reality is what you think it is. First off, if it got to the point where people felt uncomfortable about your tastes, it's likely because you were flaunting it or otherwise behaving inappropriately about it. Or otherwise, they were just joking around, as people, and...