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  1. Tailmon1

    Hello everyone Grandma Fox is back!

    I guess I can poke my nose into the forums again and see what is going on. Looks for old friends and fiends....
  2. Tailmon1

    Coloring needed!

    I received Five pencil Drawings from my Second Life Sister. She did a wonderful job Drawing them. But she said that she could not color them. She never had any luck at it. What I am looking for is someone to take the time to color them all for me. I would love to Give them back to her...
  3. Tailmon1

    Has Tailmons Cheese slid off her cracker?

    Here I sit at another Anime con. I've worked and helped make it happen many years back. Now I have begun another adventure in life. Most of my Anime friends know that I am a furry also. Still I did dress up but not much more then ears and a tail. Later I did make some nicer outfits like a black...
  4. Tailmon1

    What do you hope Santa will bring you this year?

    Pretty much we are just days away from Christmas. What kind of gifts do you hope Santa will bring you this year? Please no fantasy gifts but ones you have hope your family or friends will maybe bring you? Mine is a printer for my computer setup. My old one died several months ago.
  5. Tailmon1


    Its ten years from now and DNA splicing has come into reality and Scientists have begun to research Mankind's chances of merging with another race of animals. Everything is in its infancy and test subjects are in demand but few if anyone wants to be Guenna pigs for it. Still the medical...
  6. Tailmon1

    'Lawrence of Arabia' star Peter O'Toole dead at 81

    I'm not sure that many of the newer forum members even remember or know this actor but He was one of my favorites and perhaps a heartthrob to me back when I was young. It's sad to see another great pass this year.
  7. Tailmon1

    Christmas Art thread!

    Now that Thanksgiving is passed and the Christmas madness is upon us I thought it would be appropriate to have a thread where people can post their Christmas art for others to see! Now I have commissioned a few pieces for you all to enjoy! I have a Theme that I will follow and I hope that they...
  8. Tailmon1

    You are what you eat?

    I was posting in one of the RP's I run and it was close to lunch time. I posted that I was going to go eat and would be back in an hour. One of the Members messaged me asking where I was going to eat. I said the local restaurant that I frequent several times a week. "They have Chicken Fried...
  9. Tailmon1

    Artist wanted for commission.

    I'm looking for an artist to work with to do art for my short story's. I have a forty dollar budget for art and would like to give the work to FA forums people. I have the short done and can leave the piece up to the artists impression of the story.
  10. Tailmon1

    Comics staring Forum members! (FAF Adventures 3: Revolutions) (READ THE OP)

  11. Tailmon1

    Going in for an upgrede?

    I guess it was time for a change. This old Fox was looking much older than she really is. Today my girlfriend dragged me to the beauty parlor and I had my hair colored. Its been like 5-7 years that it has been grey and Believe me people take me for mid 60's in age all the time. So I went in...
  12. Tailmon1

    Windows 8 WTF?

    I normally help out people that have minor computer issues. A friend was having issues with his new laptop. He wanted to transfer his favorites, programs and his pictures to it from his Desktop. Really not an issue but when I turned on his laptop it has Windows 8 on it and I went WTF because...
  13. Tailmon1

    Avatar help?

    I had a nice avatar made and I love it. However it will not work on the other half of the forums. Can anyone reduce it for me?
  14. Tailmon1

    Well someone had a Bear of a time!

    I'm not sure if any of you saw it during the baseball game but someone in a bear suit danced on top of the dugout of the team. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/fan-bear-costume-pumps-up-crowd-dodger-stadium-nlcs-game-3-win-over-st-louis-cardinals-before-escorted-away-101413
  15. Tailmon1

    The Offical Grey-Fur thread.

    I figured that it would be nice to have a thread for the Grey-Furs to chat in. Granted I hope that most of the people that post here are between 40 and above. Most of the Grey-furs are around 50 and we tend to discuss things from a different point of view than most of the younger people. With...
  16. Tailmon1

    World Of Tanks?

    I thought since I posted a few pix earlier of my screen from World of Tanks. How many of you actually play the game? I've been at it for over two years and counting. I've been a field commander commanding Clan Wars. Run a Clan and now I'm just a simple soldier.
  17. Tailmon1

    What does your Computer/posting area look like?

    I know that most of us use a computer and have our special place where we curl up with the keyboard and start to post. What does your little cave look like?
  18. Tailmon1

    Beginnings and current.

    It was the summer of 2001 and I was attending Animist for the first time. I had put a lot of effort into having several Cos-play outfits. Now most of us already have an inner fursnona that you know but never realized. I often dressed up as a Cat during Halloween. I have been a Black Cat plenty...
  19. Tailmon1

    Sneaks in and hides behind the couch.

    "Hello fellow furries! I'm Tailmon and an old Furry. Old as in Age wise old but not Old at heart. I like playing RPG's Writing, and working cons. I've been looking for another site to visit and hang out at. My current regular site has kind of vanished from the net!