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  1. ghostkyu

    Art Trades!

    @skyark Really I'm down for anything, like sonas we have, fanart or even customs etc. Shall I message you? ^^
  2. ghostkyu

    Art Trades!

    Are you still open for any trades? I'd like to do one! My examples here: Userpage of ghostkyu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ghostkyu on DeviantArt
  3. ghostkyu

    Up for trade: my soul

    Up for trade: my soul
  4. ghostkyu

    Pokemon Fanart

    This looks awesome loving the painting style! Do you RP pokemon?
  5. ghostkyu

    Pokemon Fanart

    Omg these are great!!
  6. ghostkyu

    (Commission) Selling: Pride month commissions (OPEN) (from £12)

    Any species, any flag!!! Fast turn around, can be done within a day or so depending on my queue. I will make them as gifts as long as you have permission for the character to be used!
  7. ghostkyu

    Pokemon Fanart

    I've been doing a lot of Poke fanart recently and would like to share a few and see other's too! Post your recent/favorite Pokemon fanarts here!!
  8. ghostkyu


  9. ghostkyu

    In which version of the Pokemon universe would you like to live in?

    A tough choice .... can't I switch to and from both? lol
  10. ghostkyu

    Works in Progress!

  11. ghostkyu

    Draw the poster above you thread

    This was fun! @Ringbell (idk how to tag ppl) For mine anyone from here: ghostkyu on Toyhouse
  12. ghostkyu

    Hey there!

    Hi! Welcome, I am new too. Let's talk if you want ^^
  13. ghostkyu

    New to the fandom

    Hoi!! ^^
  14. ghostkyu

    Headshot / avatar / badge/ sticker comms open (from £12)

    £12 (GBP) each or 2 for £20 (PAYPAL) Piece includes: Flat colors and minimal cell shading Transparent or minimal background (you can have both it's no extra cost) Can also draw neck and shoulders or something if you don't want just a floating head (That was just my preference) Specify things...
  15. ghostkyu

    What Pokémon would you marry

  16. ghostkyu

    What's Your Favorite Pokemon?

    I can't choose just one... I love Mimikyu a lot though. And almost every ghost type. Also really dig Salandit and Salazzel.... when I first got the game I didn't realize the male couldn't evolve and leveled him to almost level 50... derp
  17. ghostkyu

    What was the last thing you ate?

    Last thing I ate was tuna mixed with colslaw
  18. ghostkyu

    Hey there! A new furry here!

    Thank you all for the welcome :D Feel free to talk with me whenever (if u wanna)
  19. ghostkyu

    Hey there! A new furry here!

    Hello!! Heh thanks for the cake :P
  20. ghostkyu

    Hey there! A new furry here!

    Thanks for the warm welcome ^^