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  1. SwampPossum

    WTT Feline Resin Blank w/ acrlyic eyes

    Hello! I'm wanting to tradey resin blank for a custom foam or balaclava base. Looking for either a possum (preferably) or a rabbit. Info and pics can be seen here on my Instagram- Thank you and cheers~
  2. SwampPossum

    Purple feline tail

    Selling this long purple feline tail with grey tip for $35 which includes shipping. Elastic loops for a secure hold on a belt. Purchase comes with a surprise gift that range from buttons, charms or even a $60 commission! Comment or message me if interested. Thanks!
  3. SwampPossum

    WTT feline resin blank

    Wanting to trade this resin feline mask that comes with blank acrylic eyes for a finished sergal or shark base. Foam or resin doesn't matter to me long as it's ready to fur. Thanks!