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  1. neverendingsoda

    Sketchbook: Original Species Development Art!

    Hah! I figure most people who'd be interested wouldn't know much about genetics either, I'm not STEM major just someone who thinks a little mix n match is fun :P I actually ended up making a free make your own event on toyhou.se so feel free to join if you dig them...
  2. neverendingsoda

    Sketchbook: Original Species Development Art!

    An open faced compliment sandwich huh lmao. The defining feature part is certainly what I've been struggling with properly developing thus far, since it's a species I originally penned down years ago. Thanks for the input
  3. neverendingsoda

    Sketchbook: Original Species Development Art!

    Figuring out how their genes interact with other species! Bc their genetics are a mystery even to them, the rare genetic combos come from unexpected combinations with other species ^^
  4. neverendingsoda

    Sketchbook: Original Species Development Art!

    Thanks so much!! I'm excited to get the next part out :D~
  5. neverendingsoda

    Sketchbook: Original Species Development Art!

    Not sure if this is better suited to here or the writing area, but I'm primarily a visual artist so this seems like the place ️ I'm working on getting down the lore & designs for my original species and I thought it would be fun to get it all in one place as it all develops! Here's what I have...
  6. neverendingsoda

    Show me your art!

    Finished this recently and had fun with it ^^ an adopt I meant to sell that I ended up liking too much to part with And my FA page! https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/neverendingsoda/
  7. neverendingsoda

    Free Art: looking for characters to draw!

    Hey thanks for a shot at this! Here's my bear/demon girl. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46529972/
  8. neverendingsoda

    Send me some characters so I can draw headshots!

    Hey thanks for a shot at this! Good luck with your commissions ^^ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46529972/
  9. neverendingsoda

    Is it weird that I don’t have a fursona?

    Not weird at all imo! Not everyone has a fursona and there's no time limit on you making one! You can make your fursona as real or fantastic as you'd like, everything from regular grey wolves to purple octopus/dragon hybrids are fair game in the furry world :P As for design, you can also...
  10. neverendingsoda

    Hiring: ($25+) Need someone to draw an anthro of my fursona

    I'd love to take a crack at it if you're still looking, possums are such fun creatures to work with!! My pricing and a few examples:
  11. neverendingsoda

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking to update my Ref! (Closed Thank you!)

    Hey! If you're still looking, here are some ref sheet examples as well as my most recent work since it's been a while since I've had a ref sheet commission: Ref sheets start at 60 and price depends on complexity/how many extras you'd like besides just the front and back view ✨
  12. neverendingsoda

    Works in Progress!

    In this specific case I think it's the line weight! The sketch has some nice line variation it can be so hard to channel the energy in more focused linework
  13. neverendingsoda

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Valentine's Auction - 4 Bird & Bee Designs!

    Hello all ✨ and happy Valentine's Week! I have 4 valentines themed designs up for auction on my ych.art page from now until February 13th! ✨ If you would prefer to bid on the FA upload, click here ✨ This bird/bat hybrid is open for bids! Just click here Click here to bid on this lovecore...
  14. neverendingsoda

    NSFW Requests!

    it's a slur, harmless origins don't always mean the word stays harmless as its meaning is changed and reapplied over time! that's all I really want to clog up this thread with though, I'll try and get more requests done for everyone next time I have some time off work!
  15. neverendingsoda

    NSFW Requests!

    glad you like!
  16. neverendingsoda

    NSFW Requests!

    thanks for waiting, I have to do these around my day job but here's the first 3 www.furaffinity.net: NSFW Requests! by neverendingsoda hey! a taur sounds like a fun challenge but plz don't use the term herm, it's a pretty shitty term for real life intersex ppl xoxo
  17. neverendingsoda

    NSFW Requests!

    oh my god this character is SO CUTE...I'm working through them in order but I'm super excited to start on this one