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  1. coonce

    (Commission) Selling: colored bust & icon/avatar combos!

    i'm currently offering colored busts paired with a cropped icon/port/avatar for $15. busts are 400x600px, cropped avatar can come in 95x95 or 100x100. they have a soft but vibrant valentines or spring theme with lots of pinks, reds, purples, golds and floral hair pieces/crowns. i find them...
  2. coonce


  3. coonce

    commissions + species

    neondustdaydream on DeviantArt for commissions + more information!
  4. coonce

    some mermaid pusheen love

  5. coonce

    PIXPAW pt 2 of 2 - OPEN adopt, Krezel.

  6. coonce

    anyone else have a four legged model napping at your feet at all times?

    art is c. me me me, but i do hope u enjoy
  7. coonce

    every now and then someone pays me to sketch something cute...

  8. coonce

    $5 BUST SKETCH/STICKER DESIGN commissions + more.

    have a character design you're looking to flesh out? wanna gift a quick sketch to a sweet friend? interested in helping out a budding artist? $5 BUST sketches/sticker design $8 full sketch +$3 per extra character anthro, feral, human, original species, nsfw, etc etc all OK! let's talk! feel...
  9. coonce

    $5 3/4 sketches

    interested in helping out encourage a budding artist? wanna gift something to a friend? need some reference art for that character idea you've been toying around with? 3/4 form sketches... anthro, feral, human, original species, all ok! nsfw ok! up to 5 colors with varying opacity. different...