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  1. Ralliron

    D&D DM looking for a group

    Well count me as interested, played a lot of 3.5 back in the day and even more with Pathfinder 1e. I have a good quality mic, free time on my hands, and don't mind lending a hand to the GM as needed (helping new players, balancing homebrew, worldbuilding, ect.).
  2. Ralliron

    Anyone Interested in Pathfinder? (Tabletop RPG) (Mature)

    Well if you guys are still running and want a solid, experienced, prompt, dependable player hit me up. I don't mind lending a hand to the DM, but won't take the reins from them just guidance. All my characters are made to be loyal to the party.
  3. Ralliron

    How do you sleep?

    On either side, arms wraped around a pillow, with my legs offset and curled up, in loose fitting boxers. Oh also my combat knife in arms reach.
  4. Ralliron

    Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

    Yep, i'm bored and in the mood for some skype, if anyone is up for it.
  5. Ralliron

    Furs By Species (Idea Taken Fron Zaaz)

    I am a Red Fox
  6. Ralliron

    New guy

    Hey I almost ended up in chicago... but luck wasnt on my side... as I am still stuck in montana...
  7. Ralliron

    Your Music??

    Camila, Now You're Gone, All I Ever Wanted, Angel in the Night, and almost all of BassHunters works.
  8. Ralliron

    Do you have a deep relationship with your animals?

    My cat Random has been with me since I was 3... she was actuly feral when we got her, you wouldnt think she was if you met her. But yes we do understand one another, she asks for milk, meat, icecream, or what ever she decides she wants when it in my hands. She knows just how to cheer me up, and...
  9. Ralliron

    Furries Under 18...How did you get into furry?

    I became a furry when my friend told me about them, that was about 5 years ago, but I guess you could classify me as a furry for my entire life span, hell I learned to walk with chickens, run with dogs, study with cats, and even play with woodpeckers... no joke... all in all that would be 17...
  10. Ralliron

    dumb, crazy and funny state laws.

    I want to break this law so bad right now...
  11. Ralliron

    A Furfag's Wet Dream

    Genetics is the key to a better future, cloning organs, genetic enhancements, and a wide array of other things... I say fire away!
  12. Ralliron

    New at this furry thing...

    Welcome to the FA forums, im sure you will fit right in.
  13. Ralliron

    Enough room for another fox to squeeze in?

    Yes another to the vulpine ranks! Your kin stand with you
  14. Ralliron

    Rio is here :D

    Welcome to the FA forums... PM me if you feel like talkin about art.
  15. Ralliron

    Friendly young thing....

    Little?! you're legaly and adult... oh well who am i to complain right? Well any who welcome to the forums PM me if your up for a chat...
  16. Ralliron

    Hello Fellows

    Well as you can see by the previous posts and the ones that follow furrys are by no means "evil" or "dark" or I havent met any like that... so don't sweat it. Oh... and welcome to the forums!
  17. Ralliron

    I'am New to FA, Hi.

    Take one of those "What furry are you"/"What furry am I" quizes online.
  18. Ralliron

    Hi everybody!

    Well then welcome to the forums! Hope you like it here!
  19. Ralliron

    dA Artist- noob here

    welcome my fellow furry, and artist, would have my works online... if I had a scanner, but plan to remedy that soon. So if you feel up for a chat PM me.
  20. Ralliron

    Hey hey

    If you ever feel up for a chat I would gladly ramble on a bit... just PM me if your up to it... oh and welcome to the forums nnn stuff.