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  1. ThePterosaur

    Places with dirty names near you

    Though its a bit over an hour away there is Intercourse, PA and also Blue Balls, PA....these are in the heart of Amish country. Them silly Amish and their town names XD EDIT: then of course I go look back and see they have been posted a million times XD Go me XP I don't know if there are...
  2. ThePterosaur

    I love my dumb laws, whats yours?

    Oh Come on Maryland, why can't I take a lion into a movie theater? :c But yes in my state of MD, there is a law that states you may not take a lion into a movie theater....I guess other forms of theatrical entertainment is still okay though :3
  3. ThePterosaur

    What are some of the more rare and obscure fursonas?

    I believe that I may be the only quetzalcoatlus northropi..... maybe the only Pterosaur on FAF.... >< I say more people should chose Pterosaurs :3
  4. ThePterosaur

    Best Silent Hill

    2 is defineitly the best but 3 is a close second (though it is a sequal to 1). 4 had a good storyline but the half a game escort mission kills the gameplay big time. I've not played or watched anybody play 5 or shattered memories so I can't say much for either of them. Watched a lets play of...
  5. ThePterosaur

    It needed to be asked.

    Actually the real mythical beast is the Single Hetero Female furry. For when one usually finds the Hetero Female Furry, they usually already have a BF. I for one am a Hetero Female Furry :3 Though not of the single variety.
  6. ThePterosaur

    So a pterodactyl walks into a bar...

    Hey if your going to go different, might as well chose the largest living thing to ever manage flight. :>
  7. ThePterosaur

    So a pterodactyl walks into a bar...

    Thank you guys X3 *high fives back* Thank you, my avi was made by Sixel over at FA :> Yeah that whole extinction thing really put a dent in our numbers XD Nope I still beat out tropius XD being that my specific animal of choice is the species of pterodactyl called quetzalcoatlus...
  8. ThePterosaur

    So a pterodactyl walks into a bar...

    and says whats up :3 Anyway, finally decided to join the FA forums even though I've been on FA for awhile now. So what can I say about myself...um not really much I'm the rare and elusive straight female furry that also decided that she wanted to be completely different then everybody else...
  9. ThePterosaur

    Anyone dating a non-fur?

    Well mine was originally a non-fur (same with my friend as well) We are slowly but surely inducting our guys into the fandom though. You know introducing them to the weirdness that is furry one step at a time and if they don't run away its a good sign. We mostly just want to be able to...
  10. ThePterosaur

    Pokemon Conventions

    Yeah I heard some people equate the more fursuit like pokemon suits with furries (even if the wearer isn't one) at some anime cons and thus some harrassement goes down. I think the worst story I heard was when at a smaller anime con a poor girl was chased with what was discribed as a cow prod...
  11. ThePterosaur

    Pokemon Conventions

    Yeah I see pokemon at Furcons but more common at Anime cons. Also I noticed from that pokemon group at Otakon....so many gajinka, not so much love for the fursuit esque type. I've heard stories of more fursuit like pokemon costumes getting harrassed at some anime cons. Though me I have a...
  12. ThePterosaur

    Furs By Species 2

    Though I have two, I usually only go by the one so I will go under that X3 I'm a Quetzalcoatlus (aka a type of Pterodactyl.....have no idea where I would go on the list XD)