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  1. gorgonops

    Need help choosing a tablet.

    I agree. I got one of those myself to replace a 10+ year old ailing Intuos 2, and it's performing beautifully. I don't know how long it'll last, but at $60, I'm keen for the experiment. I will say, if you use Windows 7, you may need to disable the OS's native tablet PC functions, because every...
  2. gorgonops

    Jobs working wth animals?

    I worked as a dog bather at a groomer's for about a year. It was terribly unglamorous, hard physical work, involved getting covered in far more bodily functions and hair than I cared for, and I sometimes still got bit no matter how cool and collected I was around a dog that was freaking out. And...
  3. gorgonops

    Hey Guise :3 !!!

    "Fingerdawg", eh? ... Hand banana? Dorking around for life, man. Welcome.
  4. gorgonops

    things you just dont understand

    Hahaha, oh man, she was upset that they wouldn't respect the canon of the Santa mythos. "I HATE THIS REBOOT. It's like reading fanfiction. These characters people came up with in the early 20th century were perfect from their inception. I'm gonna go look at these old Norman Rockwell prints...
  5. gorgonops

    things you just dont understand

    "If you were worth not pooping on, you'd have a better job by now!!! >:[ Oh btw we need to cut your hours, and can you come in saturday night? We'd really like it if you worked a schedule so unpredictable it's impossible to find a second job."
  6. gorgonops

    Gamer grub

    Iced tea's usually a given. Sometimes I like some red wine. I tend to go with almonds or sunflower seeds, too. My favorites are salt and vinegar almonds, or smokehouse almonds, but I don't go with those very much while gaming since they tend to leave salty residue on my fingers. I'm also a big...
  7. gorgonops

    Furry opinion

    See, little things like that are cool by me. I might even comment on a little pin or button or something. (Since it can be a way of saying, "Hey, I have this interest, and it'd be peachy keen if someone who shared it made conversation about it.") But there's something of a blurry line between...
  8. gorgonops

    Furry opinion

    True. It's hard to know based on that, though what I said still goes for any other signifiers as well. ... Though, I'd be less likely to talk to the guy wearing a "Furry and PROUD" t-shirt or something than I would be someone wearing a tail for reasons unknown to me. I dated someone with...
  9. gorgonops

    Furry opinion

    Yeah, it depends on how they're acting. I've met very few furries off the computer, and they were the ones who I only realized were furries after noticing drawings in their sketchbooks, or wallpapers on a computer screen. They were pretty chill folks. I'm not about to strike up conversation...
  10. gorgonops

    Do you think your fursona is rare?

    Agreed. And, y'know, the same is true of human characters. A unique species does not, itself, make an interesting character; an interesting character does. I love Iron Man, and I friggin' adore Sandman, and the reasons for each of those go far beyond, "They are/look like humans, and I like...
  11. gorgonops

    Stereotypes of Your State (Or Country/Territory)

    Guns, trucks big enough to haul horse trailers (regardless of whether or not you own livestock of any kind), meat, irrationally strong attachment to football, and christianity assumed to be default. Also, probably racism, judging by the "BUILD THE FENCE" hullabaloo.
  12. gorgonops

    Day of the Doctor

    Maybe some kind of... end-of-timelord-life-cycle thing? Or maybe just being under constant siege for 300 years and having to stay in one town, watching the people he protected grow old and die (instead of being able to leave them) wore him down. I'm sure they'd be able to come up with a reason...
  13. gorgonops

    Help Needed Inportend

    If I needed to pay with a check, I'd be more inclined to get a cashier's check or money order from my bank than give a personal check with my bank routing and account number on it to some stranger.
  14. gorgonops

    Day of the Doctor

    Doctor Who fans are always gonna bitch about something! I liked it well enough. I thought it was a pretty good send-off for Matt Smith, emotionally, and I did like how they brought some of the loose threads together. (Loved the head of the papal mainframe, whatever her name was.) I'm pretty...
  15. gorgonops

    What is the last thing you bought?

    Do you feel that? I am pretty sure my jealousy is palpable. My last purchase was smokehouse almonds. I have my priorities.
  16. gorgonops

    So Who Else is "Inferior"?

    Similar thing happened to me; apparently ever having been prescribed migraine medicine is an immediate DQ. Worse things have happened, and I found a career path I liked alright anyway, but that one was still not a great confidence booster. But, considering the problems I've been having with...
  17. gorgonops

    Your Christmas Haul 2013

    I find that CAH is the gift that keeps on giving. One of my best purchase decisions ever.
  18. gorgonops

    What does your 'sona mean to you?

    I didn't intend to have one this time around. I'm too broke to suit, I've no interest in roleplay, I just draw, so what was the point? But then I realized I was using a particular character of mine in about the same way (just drawing her doing things I'd do or in situations I was going through)...
  19. gorgonops

    Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    Aha, good to know. I apparently was understating to say I wasn't very familiar with it, haha. I was never a huge fan of Joel's comedic style (which isn't to say I am not grateful for everything he did to get MST3k going) so I haven't paid very much attention. >.>
  20. gorgonops

    Unpopular Opinions

    And the fact that it can, y'know, kill or cripple you. Pregnancy is terrifying. But, I can see how the reproductive aspect of pregnancy might appeal to people. It's something there's a biological drive to do. I don't get the appeal of an actual pregnancy fetish, but it's not out of nowhere...